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3 Tips to Brace Your Website and Network Against Cyber Monday

Aaron Kelly| November 24 2015

| security, monitoring

Cyber Monday Sale

On your mark, get ready, Cyber Monday is coming around the bend. It is expected to remain the single busiest online shopping day of the year. ComScore estimated that $2.5 billion was spent on Cyber Monday last year, or 2 ½  times what was spent just 4 years prior.

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No doubt that anyone with an e-commerce site needs it to perform, maintain full uptime, and keep those shoppers engaged all the way through checkout.

Not to mention that workers going shopping online during the day will hog bandwidth and potentially slow down performance. Malware and viruses attached to fraudulent e-commerce websites and scam email offers can lead to security compromises.

How can IT teams prepare for Cyber Monday challenges and ensure the availability and security of business applications?


Just follow these three steps:

  1. Monitor your e-commerce website's uptime and performance. Get alerted to delays in different customer interaction points including checkout, portal login, or rich internet app errors. Stay on top of your customers' experience so know your visitors can interact with every aspect of your website.
  2. Monitor your network. Identify workers who may be slowing down application performance because they are on high-bandwidth shopping and streaming media websites, whether from their desktops or mobile devices. IT teams can gain visibility as to those who are using more than their share of bandwidth and isolate issues before they spin out of control.
  3. Manage network logs. IT teams can speed up their response to network threats through continuous log monitoring and receive alerts to notify you of activity on your network.



Topics: security, monitoring

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