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Announcing MOVEit 2019.1, with Permission Configuration and Multiple Server Support

Jeff Edwards| July 24 2019

| IT insights, File Transfer, MOVEit


Progress and Ipswitch are proud to announce the release and general availability of MOVEit 2019.1, the newest iteration of the industry leading MOVEit secure managed file transfer (MFT) solution used by thousands of IT professionals to provide complete visibility, security, and control over file transfer activities.

In 2019, MFT remains an essential technology for organizations investing in IoT or digital transformation. According to Gartner, organizations spent approximately $12 billion on integration technologies in 2017, a statistic that underlines the value of MFT technology, especially in light of the ever growing volume and variety of sensitive business data. 

“We consider MOVEit one of the top technologies in its industry. No one can beat it on quality and breadth and depth of capabilities,” said Chris Payne, Managing Director, Advanced Cyber Solutions. “With this new release, Progress is adding to the strong legacy built by Ipswitch and it’s good to see that development and innovation isn’t slowing while the two companies come together. We very much look forward to seeing how else Progress adds to this already strong product portfolio.”

MOVEit 2019.1 is meeting customer needs with new features that provide more flexible security options and make user and server management simpler. The result is a faster, more flexible managed file transfer solution that makes user’s lives easier.

New features in MOVEit 2019.1 include: 

Ipswitch® MOVEit® Transfer solution:

  • Optional Azure Native Encryption – Allows users the option of turning off MOVEit native encryption for Azure Blob storage. As Azure Blob data and traffic is automatically encrypted, this can prevent performance-sapping double-encryption and significantly accelerate file transfers without any reduction in security.
  • API & Plugin Updates – This includes updates to JAVA OpenJDK 11, MySQL 8.0.16, Windows Server 2019, full 64-bit support and additional REST APIs. This helps users keep their MOVEit implementations current.

Ipswitch® MOVEit® Automation solution:

  • Multiple Server Support – A new drop-down menu now allows users to manage multiple automation servers from a single interface without having to login to each server individually in separate sessions. This will save time and make administration more efficient.
  • Permission Configuration – A new simple interface for defining resource groups allows users to view and manage user group access to resource groups. This supports any Windows or domain (AD) user group name and simplifies user and group management.
  • Plugin Updates – This includes updates to MySQL 8.0.16 and Windows Server 2019.

Other improvements can be found in the MOVEit 2019.1 Release Notes. To try MOVEit 2019, and see the new features for yourself, you can download a free trial of the software here. 

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Topics: IT insights, File Transfer, MOVEit

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