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Are You Meeting Compliance?

Ipswitch Blog| August 20 2014

| security

In a recent survey conducted with Osterman Research, we set out to answer a relatively simple, but critical question among IT professionals: how compliant is your organization? The survey, conducted this past June with 153 members of the Osterman Research survey panel, revealed IT pros’ concerns for meeting compliance.

Some key findings include:

  • When asked about how well these senior IT decision makers feel with regard to their organizations’ compliance obligations, nearly half (48 percent) of respondents replied they are meeting compliance obligations “okay, but are not all that sure;” while 11 percent of respondents admitted that “compliance is still a big question mark for us.”
  • Only 19 percent of IT professionals surveyed are confident that their organizations manage compliance “very well,” while an overwhelming majority of respondents, 64 percent to be exact, believe that they manage compliance “fairly well.”

An alarming majority of senior IT decision makers lack confidence in their ability to properly manage and meet compliance obligations. So what does this mean for the security of their organization? It is more important than ever that IT departments are not only capable, but have confidence in their ability to manage and navigate a variety of business processes in the wake of large data breaches and ever-changing compliance requirements. When managing compliance, nothing can be left to chance, particularly in industries where compliance is paramount to maintaining secure operations, such as finance, healthcare and insurance.

MFT means the transfer of sensitive information meets compliance

This is where solutions like Managed File Transfer, or MFT, can be part of the broader solution to help IT teams manage compliance. With the right MFT solution in place, those in the insurance, healthcare, and finance industries can rest easy knowing they can enforce governance when it comes to the transfer of sensitive information. A robust MFT solution ensures sensitive information is protected during transfer, only approved users can access sensitive data, and the organization can understand at a glance any activity associated with the movement of sensitive files with processes and technology that are easy to integrate and automated. IT can regain confidence and take control with MFT. Find out how to get started here. ipswitch_compliance_aug5

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