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Adam Bertram
Adam Bertram is a 20-year veteran of IT. He’s currently an automation engineer, blogger, independent consultant, freelance writer, author, and trainer. Adam focuses on DevOps, system management, and automation technologies as well as various cloud platforms. He is a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP and efficiency nerd that enjoys teaching others a better way to leverage automation.
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Recent Posts

Posted on 08.01.18 by Adam Bertram

3 PowerShell Tips for Systems Administrators and Developers

In this article, we provide three tips to help you become more efficient with PowerShell commands. We will specifically cover how to streamline your efforts in searching for text inside of strings, transforming MSQL data into both XML and JSON, and building XML schemas.

Posted on 07.23.18 by Adam Bertram

How to Create a Computer Inventory Script in Python for Windows

Basic details of your computer like operating system and version, memory, network adapter and hard drive are never stored in one central location. You always have to go clicking around for it. But if you've got Python installed, we can build a script that collects all of...

Posted on 07.13.18 by Adam Bertram

How to Build a Function in PowerShell

Functions are a common occurrence in PowerShell and to truly understand the PowerShell language, it's important that you know how functions work. In this article, we're going to show how a PowerShell function evolves from basically nothing all the way to having...

Posted on 07.10.18 by Adam Bertram

What is SaltStack?

SaltStack/Salt is a configuration management (CM) and orchestration tool that enables system administrators to automate server provisioning and management tasks. Salt is comparatively a newcomer in the CM segment as it was launched in 2011, at a time when Puppet and Chef...

Posted on 06.29.18 by Adam Bertram

Understanding PowerShell Scriptblocks

If you're not already familiar with scriptblocks, after reading this article, you'll begin to see them all over the place in PowerShell in the form of an opening and a closing curly brace.

Posted on 06.12.18 by Adam Bertram

Automation First Thinking: Succeeding at IT Automation

If you’re in IT, chances are you’ve automated some task before. Whether it’s writing a script, building an application yourself or leveraging an off-the-shelf solution from a vendor; you’ve automated.

Posted on 05.30.18 by Adam Bertram

How I Quadrupled My Yearly Income by Sharing My Knowledge

Four years ago I was a dedicated IT professional. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast and went to work routinely everyday. I would occasionally chat with coworkers about the latest happenings and get down to the most recent matters at hand. That's all...

Posted on 05.22.18 by Adam Bertram

How to Use AWS Systems Manager to Keep Your Windows Servers Patched

Windows patching is an unfortunate requirement for all Windows administrators. Patch Tuesdays keep coming with no end in sight.

Posted on 05.16.18 by Adam Bertram

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure's Cloud Shell

When you need to get access to a command line console like PowerShell or Bash, where do you go? 

Posted on 04.30.18 by Adam Bertram

Using MOVEit 2018’s New REST API to Create a MOVEit Task with Python

We've covered a lot of how you can use PowerShell with MOVEit Automation 2018 to automate tasks. However, what if you want to use Python instead? We got you covered. Let's take a look.

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