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Defrag This | Alex Jablokow

Alex Jablokow
Alex Jablokow is a freelance writer who specializes in technical and healthcare business. He blogs about the Internet of Things, software, inertial guidance systems, and other topics for business clients. Sturdy Words, his freelance content business, is at www.sturdywords.com.
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Recent Posts

Posted on 12.06.17 by Alex Jablokow

Are MSSPs a Good Security Solution for Small Businesses?

An increasingly popular alternative is hiring a managed security service provider (MSSP). What is it and how can it help keep your business secure?

Posted on 10.31.17 by Alex Jablokow

VoIP and the Wild World of Toll Fraud

Most don't think about their telephone system when it comes to securing their network, but VoIP is actually a common vector of attack. 

Posted on 09.12.17 by Alex Jablokow

Was That Always There? A Hardware Keylogger Threat

A hardware keylogger can be installed by anyone with access to the space and the nerve to do it.

Posted on 08.15.17 by Alex Jablokow

Should You Hire A Cloud Storage Security Vendor?

The decision to use a third-party vendor or not depends on several factors. Regardless, cloud data security is a crucial part of business planning.

Posted on 08.09.17 by Alex Jablokow

Fintech Industry Can No Longer Think Like Silicon Valley

Fintech startups are increasingly competing with incumbent banks, insurers, and financial management firms in the areas of lending, payments, financial management, and various forms of insurance. 

Posted on 07.11.17 by Alex Jablokow

The Rise Of Regtech: Bringing Technology To Managing financial Regulation

With flexibility, low costs, and clear reporting, regtech solutions might be the answer to all of our financial service problems. 

Posted on 06.02.17 by Alex Jablokow

Could Blockchain Ensure Financial Data Security?

Blockchain is rapidly increasing its reputation as a mechanism for faster payment services and greater data security. 

Posted on 03.09.17 by Alex Jablokow

EHR Adoption Still an Issue in Healthcare

Electronic Health Record (EHR) adoption in healthcare has been rocky and uneven. Many physicians and practices still find EHRs inadequate or poorly designed.

Posted on 03.01.17 by Alex Jablokow

New York’s New Cyber Security Regulation in Effect

Compliance with security and privacy requirements is difficult. Compliance with a number of different regulations, some geographic, some industry-specific, can seem almost impossible. And when a new, large-scale requirement, like New York’s new cybersecurity regulation...

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