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Posted on 05.04.18 by Doug Bonderud

Star Wars in Real Life: The TCO of Building an Interstellar Empire

As real-world tech inches ever closer to sci-fi's original vision, it's worth asking the question: Is Star Wars in real life even possible? And specifically, is building this kind of tech a worthwhile investment? Would the C-suite get on board with you remodeling the...

Posted on 02.14.17 by Doug Bonderud

Solving The Sedentary Lifestyle: IT Edition

You’ve seen the articles: Stand up at work! Move around! Be active! Great advice for the average user but what happens when you’re the go-to IT “fixer” or resident coding expert and barely get a chance to use the bathroom, let alone take the time to “be healthy”? Plus,...

Posted on 12.08.16 by Doug Bonderud

How Much Does the Internet Weigh?

The internet is huge. So huge that humans have spent years trying to quantify the concept. As noted by Live Science, for example, a study published in Supercomputing Frontiers suggested that the internet had a storage capacity of 10^24 bytes, while tech company Cisco...

Posted on 11.04.16 by Doug Bonderud

Infrastructure Compliance: IT Vendor or In-House?

As noted by Tech Financials, infrastructure outsourcing is now a go-to option for service providers, since it allows them to maximize their strengths while shoring up their weaknesses with third-party expertise. But what does this trend mean for companies at large? Is it...

Posted on 09.30.16 by Doug Bonderud

U.S. Cybersecurity Debate: Can Politicians Predict the Top 5 Future Threats?

On Sept. 26, the Democratic and Republican nominees faced off in their first debate. Moderator Lester Holt did manage to steer the conversation toward a few interesting topics — for example, national cyber safety. And while neither candidate claims IT expertise, their...

Posted on 09.20.16 by Doug Bonderud

Stranger Things: The 2016 Edition


Posted on 09.16.16 by Doug Bonderud

Classic Movies Vs. Modern Technology: Ruining the Silver Screen?

Everyone has their favorite "classic" movie – you know, the one you're convinced looks better in black and white or requires explanations for the younger generation: "Yes, that's a phone. No, it won't play 'Angry Birds'." But what happens when classic movies and modern...

Posted on 08.24.16 by Doug Bonderud

There's No Summer Vacation for IT Professionals

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), many businesses experience a "summer slowdown." During this time period, certain companies have less business due to the fact that their customers and clients are on vacation. The summer slowdown often applies to...

Posted on 07.21.16 by Doug Bonderud

Mythbusting the "Silicon Valley" TV Show


Posted on 06.20.16 by Doug Bonderud

The Evolution of Technology: From Unusual to Ubiquitous

Advanced technology has become an integral part of society — according to Pew Research, 67 percent of U.S. adults have broadband internet access at home, while 13 percent have tossed traditional connections and exclusively use mobile devices. But the evolution of...

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