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Posted on 03.23.16 by Ipswitch Blog

MOVEit 8.3 Helps With Java Browser Vulnerabilities

Oracle estimates that 97% of enterprise desktops run Java, 89% of desktops in the U.S. run Java, and 3 Billion mobile phones run Java.  That market share makes Java a juicy target for cyber criminals. Java in the browser is particularly vulnerable to security threats...

Posted on 03.03.16 by Ipswitch Blog

5 Things To Consider When Implementing Automated File Transfer

Automated File Transfer Tools Instead of Scripts

Automated file transfer tools can quickly automate many common file transfer tasks by anyone on the IT team without any programming required.  It also provides a single resource for central management and visibility of all...

Posted on 02.25.16 by Ipswitch Blog

Introducing MOVEit Central v9.0 Automated File Transfer

Today I am psyched to share the news that MOVEit Central version 9.0 automated file transfer software as shipped. And by shipped I mean it’s available for purchase and download. MOVEit Central helps IT pros secure, manage, automate, view, and control all file transfer...

Posted on 02.23.16 by Ipswitch Blog

Survey Reveals Security Concerns with File Transfer Processes

A recent survey of over 500 IT pros globally conducted by Ipswitch and Vanson-Bourne in the U.S., U.K., Germany and France revealed concerns over their organization’s ability to protect data (including file transfer) and meet security compliance requirements.  The...

Posted on 01.26.16 by Ipswitch Blog

Data Privacy Day & Protecting Personal Healthcare Information

This Thursday, January 28th is Data Privacy Day (aka Data Protection Day in Europe).  The purpose of Data Privacy Day is to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. To honor Data Privacy Day, here are some ways you can protect personal...

Posted on 12.29.15 by Ipswitch Blog

It Never Pays to Roll Your Own File Transfer System for Large Files

Picture a rural health system sending large, high-res brain scans from a stroke patient to a city hospital for analysis. Now picture a field engineer sharing 3-D AutoCAD files of a new oil field with decision-makers at corporate. Imagine an enterprise migrating stored...

Posted on 12.28.15 by Ipswitch Blog

8 Common IT Communication Challenges and What to Do About Them

Whereas negative conflict feeds power struggles and individual preference, healthy conflict improves IT communication and builds trust and respect across the department. You can't make all conflict disappear, but you can learn to use disagreements to make the helpdesk...

Posted on 11.16.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Does your FTP server provide regulatory compliance?

In a recent webinar, “What’s the Future of Your FTP?”, I looked at the key regulatory compliance features within file transfer solutions. Requirements for protecting data being transferred internally or externally vary, but there are commonalities across industry...

Posted on 11.03.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Secure Data Transfers with a Managed File Transfer Solution

Nathan Hays works for one of the largest insurance companies in the healthcare industry. The company electronically communicates with a huge number of customers, vendors and other partners. Along with having to meet stringent audit and compliance standards for those file...

Posted on 10.06.15 by Ipswitch Blog

New Protections For User Data Hurts Tech Industry

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