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Posted on 12.28.15 by Ipswitch Blog

8 Common IT Communication Challenges and What to Do About Them

Whereas negative conflict feeds power struggles and individual preference, healthy conflict improves IT communication and builds trust and respect across the department. You can't make all conflict disappear, but you can learn to use disagreements to make the helpdesk...

Posted on 12.17.15 by Ipswitch Blog

How Application Performance Monitoring Keeps the Cloud on Track

Cloud computing is a ready-made revolution for SMBs. Forget about server downtime; elastic computing and API-driven development is perfect for smaller organizations with project funding in the mere thousands of dollars.

Posted on 12.03.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Localized Language Support for Managed File Transfers


Creating software for the global IT community.

Posted on 11.16.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Does your FTP server provide regulatory compliance?

In a recent webinar, “What’s the Future of Your FTP?”, I looked at the key regulatory compliance features within file transfer solutions. Requirements for protecting data being transferred internally or externally vary, but there are commonalities across industry...

Posted on 11.03.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Secure Data Transfers with a Managed File Transfer Solution

Nathan Hays works for one of the largest insurance companies in the healthcare industry. The company electronically communicates with a huge number of customers, vendors and other partners. Along with having to meet stringent audit and compliance standards for those file...

Posted on 10.06.15 by Ipswitch Blog

New Protections For User Data Hurts Tech Industry

Posted on 09.23.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Introducing Ipswitch Failover for Zero Downtime and no Data Loss

Today, we announced the release of Ipswitch Failover, a new MOVEit Managed File Transfer module that delivers zero data loss, no single point of failure and maximized availability through fast failover. Ipswitch Failover enables IT teams to provide highly available...

Posted on 09.18.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Despite Increased Focus on Security, Dropbox Still Lacking

Earlier this year we warned of fake Dropbox emails that urge users to click on emails labeled as “urgent and highly confidential” documents. Those that followed these instructions were quickly added to the list of victims of a highly-effective phishing scheme as the...

Posted on 05.04.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Noble Truth #4: Downtime Is Not an Option

“I guess it’s okay if our network is down for a little while. I’m sure nobody will notice.”

Posted on 04.23.15 by Ipswitch Blog

Noble Truth #3: IT Complexity Grows Faster Than IT Teams

Famed boxer Mike Tyson once said that “everyone has a plan…until they get punched in the mouth.” He probably wasn’t talking to IT departments (okay, he definitely wasn’t), but it's advice you, as IT professionals, should probably consider.

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