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Posted on 10.01.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Shellshock Bug Does Not Affect Ipswitch Products

As you've likely already heard on Sept 24th a new computer security threat called Shellshock was identified and entered into the National Vulnerability Database as CVE-2014-7169.

Posted on 09.03.14 by Ipswitch Blog

We Need to Talk (about compliance)

In my third and final post addressing the Osterman Research 2014 IT & Stakeholder Compliance Survey, I'll address why IT professionals should work more closely with business stakeholders to better meet compliance. I'll start by sharing key findings that show how much IT...

Posted on 08.28.14 by Ipswitch Blog

IT Pros Concerned Colleagues Don't Get Compliance

In our second post on a recent Osterman Research survey, we reveal IT’s biggest concerns with other department leaders and their roles in compliance. Of the 153 members of the Osterman Research panel surveyed, the majority of senior IT decision makers  lack confidence in...

Posted on 08.20.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Are You Meeting Compliance?

In a recent survey conducted with Osterman Research, we set out to answer a relatively simple, but critical question among IT professionals: how compliant is your organization? The survey, conducted this past June with 153 members of the Osterman Research survey panel,...

Posted on 07.25.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Did You Thank Your SysAdmin Today?


Our Hero, the SysAdmin

Posted on 07.14.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Blame it on Rio: Application Performance

Since the World Cup first kicked-off back on June 12th, we have been covering its impact on application performance and business operations. We asked: would an increase in streaming of the world’s most watched event have an adverse effect on application performance? Now...

Posted on 07.09.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Is Your IT Network Getting Kicked Around by the World Cup?

Just after the first matches got underway for the 2014 World Cup we put a survey into the field. We wanted to measure the impact the world’s most popular sporting event was having on corporate networks. And whether IT managers and network administrators had heeded the...

Posted on 07.09.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Cloud-based solutions deliver additional value for HIPAA compliance

 According to a recent Ponemon Institute report, seventy-two percent of the 600 IT professionals surveyed believed their cloud service providers would fail to inform them of a data breach that involved the theft of confidential business data, and 71 percent believed the...

Posted on 07.08.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Survey: UK Public Sector Lacks Focus on Network Management

Many cash-strapped UK government bodies are spending on network management tools offering features that they either don’t need, or will never use. And they appear unable to easily gather fundamental data about the growing number of devices on their network.

Posted on 06.30.14 by Ipswitch Blog

Ipswitch’s Response to June’s OpenSSL Vulnerability

As you may already know, there was a recent Security Advisory about new vulnerabilities in OpenSSL released in early June. This specific flaw requires a vulnerable OpenSSL library active on both the client and server ends of the transaction. The flaw allows a savvy...

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