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Jeanne Hopkins
As Executive Vice President and CMO of Ipswitch, Jeanne Hopkins knows the value of blogging as part of an Inbound Marketing strategy. She’s been blogging for years for a variety of software companies, and understands that as an author, blog posts usually stand the test of time. And, every marketer needs to blog.
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Recent Posts

Posted on 11.29.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding in Banking (Part 5):  How to Rise Above the Rest

Like most retail/service businesses, your bank has multiple target audiences, each of them with at least somewhat different needs and expectations.

Posted on 11.16.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding in Banking (Part 4):  Strong Brands Win People Over

If prospects cannot easily find evidence of customer satisfaction, what are they to think about your brand? Faced with uncertainty, they will choose competitors 

Posted on 11.08.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding in Banking (Part 3): Strong Brands Thrive

If you expect your bank to compete with Google – in the consumer marketplace or as a potential FinTech suitor - you’d better get busy strengthening your brand. 

Posted on 10.31.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding in Banking (Part 2): Strong Brands Build Trust

Strong brands build trust, but a brand that is associated with negatives will have a tough time regaining customer trust or ever hoping to attract new business. 

Posted on 10.23.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding in Banking: 5 Reasons Strong Brands Win

Branding is a new concept in the financial industry, if you consider the industry goes back to ancient civilization. However, it's critical to success in today's environment.

Posted on 10.19.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Podcast: Investing in Innovation in IT Analytics

Big Data isn’t just for techies anymore. Dennis Drogseth chats about his new research report entitled Leaders in Advanced IT Analytics (AIA): A Buyer's Guide for Investing in Innovation

Posted on 10.02.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

The Changing Role of the CIO (Part 2)

Within each enterprise, savvy CIOs are undergoing transformation, too – from a role as service provider for other departments to strategic corporate leader.

Posted on 09.28.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Podcast: IT Horror Stories

In episode 4 of The PICNIC Podcast, George General, Senior Systems Engineer at Ipswitch shares his IT horror story in wake of Hurricane Irma and how he prefers to deal with users and data security.

Posted on 09.20.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Changing Role of IT Managers and Security (Part 1)

By showing the way to mine data quickly and use it effectively, IT managers will become our data heroes. 

Posted on 09.07.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Podcast: Top 3 challenges of managing a small IT Team

If you’re a woman in IT, you know there really is no line for the ladies room—so it’s great to have a woman to talk about IT on the first episode.

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