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Posted on 04.17.17 by Kevin Conklin

What is Network Flow Monitoring?

Just what is network flow monitoring? To put it simply, network flow monitoring is a way of looking into the actual traffic flowing across a network.

Posted on 04.06.17 by Kevin Conklin

5 Steps to Prevent Privacy Breaches

Assuring data privacy has been a hot issue for years and the basic building blocks of a strong defense against cybercriminal data theft hasn't changed.

Posted on 04.04.17 by Kevin Conklin

What is file transfer protocol (FTP)?

At its simplest, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a rudimentary method of moving files from one location on a network to another. 

Posted on 03.29.17 by Kevin Conklin

FBI Alert to Healthcare: Mind Your FTP Servers

The FBI issued a Private Industry Notification (PIN) alert last week to healthcare providers concerning the security of their FTP servers. While the alert did not indicate a specific threat, industry experts note that the FBI is not in the habit of issuing alerts unless...

Posted on 03.16.17 by Kevin Conklin

Secure File Transfer Resources For Financial Services IT Teams

The world doesn't show enough appreciation for IT teams in general. But few of us actually appreciate how much we depend on financial services IT pros.

Posted on 02.21.17 by Kevin Conklin

837 Claims – 835 Remit Optimization

Want to know how healthcare IT organizations can best prove their worth to the business? Optimize the 835 Remit and 837 Claim process so there are fewer rejections, clarifications, missed files and delays.

Posted on 01.31.17 by Kevin Conklin

A New Resource for Healthcare IT Teams

Healthcare IT teams don't get enough credit. While doctors and nurses deliver the testing, diagnoses and treatments, healthcare IT teams deliver the enabling infrastructure.

Posted on 01.09.17 by Kevin Conklin

What is at Stake When Moving Files Today?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has been the standard bearer for sending or moving files too large for email. Today, those file transfers contain the lifeblood of an organization and so Secure FTP is now critical.

Posted on 12.28.16 by Kevin Conklin

5 Reasons IT Pros Do Better in Darkness

The recent winter solstice - and the strikingly short amount of daylight that goes with it - got us thinking about how well our favorite people, IT pros, handle the darkness. So we did some research and came up with some helpful facts to cheer you up.

Posted on 10.24.16 by Kevin Conklin

The Attack of the Internet of Things

UPDATE: According to business intelligence specialist Flashpoint, the DDoS attack against Dyn is likely to have been caused by script kiddies. Suspected nation state-sponsors and hacktivists like New World Hackers are no longer considered to be the culprits. 

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