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Posted by Kevin Conklin

Secure file transfer Resources for financial services IT Teams

Here's to Financial Services IT Teams

The world doesn't show enough appreciation for IT teams in general. But few of us actually appreciate how much we depend on financial services IT pros. If you have a job and money, chances are you use online financial services. How...

Posted by Kevin Conklin

837 Claims – 835 Remit Optimization

Want to know how healthcare IT organizations can best prove their worth to the business? Optimize the 835 Remit and 837 Claim process so there are fewer rejections, clarifications, missed files and delays.

Posted by Kevin Conklin

A New Resource for Healthcare IT Teams

Healthcare IT Teams - the Unsung Heroes

Healthcare IT teams don't get enough credit. While doctors and nurses deliver the testing, diagnoses and treatments, healthcare IT teams deliver the enabling infrastructure. Patient services depend on the core services, networks,...

Posted by Kevin Conklin

What is at Stake When Moving Files Today?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has been the standard bearer for sending or moving files too large for email. Today, those file transfers contain the lifeblood of an organization and so Secure FTP is now critical.

Posted by Kevin Conklin

5 Reasons IT Pros Do Better in Darkness

The recent winter solstice - and the strikingly short amount of daylight that goes with it - got us thinking about how well our favorite people, IT pros, handle the darkness. So we did some research and came up with some helpful facts to cheer you up.

Posted by Kevin Conklin

The Attack of the Internet of Things

UPDATE: According to business intelligence specialist Flashpoint, the DDoS attack against Dyn is likely to have been caused by script kiddies. Suspected nation state-sponsors and hacktivists like New World Hackers are no longer considered to be the culprits. 

Posted by Kevin Conklin

4 Ways to Reduce Dropbox Security Concerns

Once again, Dropbox is in the news as a major security concern. Even though we're talking about a 2012 data breach, the company wasn't upfront about the scope of the problem – namely, the theft of passwords belonging to 68 million customers. This is poor form as far as...

Posted by Kevin Conklin

More Secure File Transfer for Less is Good, Right?

“Sorry, I don’t want more for less”, said absolutely no one.

Posted by Kevin Conklin

3 Secrets to Highly Effective IT Teams

Having a large number of tools that only provide a partial view of your end-to-end environment is like five people with in the dark trying to describe an elephant by touching only a single body part.

Posted by Kevin Conklin

Ransomware Attacks On the Rise

With the rise of Ransomware attacks, Healthcare organizations are taking action, but what’s the best response to ensure sensitive data is protected?  Ransomware is a type of malware that infects computer systems, restricting users’ access to the infected systems....

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