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Posted on 10.03.17 by Kevin Conklin

10 hacks for Safer Cyber Citizenship

Chances are cyber criminal already have all your personal data. Now is the time to up your game with this series of 10 Hacks for Safer Cyber Citizenship.

Posted on 10.02.17 by Kevin Conklin

UK Data Protection Bill 2017 - Cordery Compliance Video

Our friends at Cordery Compliance have just issued their latest in a series of videos concerning the upcoming GDPR and the UK's Data Protection Bill 2017 and it is well worth the watch. 

Posted on 09.27.17 by Kevin Conklin

Go Phish... With Your End Users

The intelligence collected from end-user “informants” allows IT to find malware and identify phishing threats more quickly.

Posted on 09.06.17 by Kevin Conklin

New Ransomware Attacks Target Healthcare

There's a new ransomware variant in town and it may prove more productive for attackers and more problematic for healthcare security teams. Rather than the 'spray and pray' type attacks we saw in the past, the new twist is focusing on select, high risk targets.

Posted on 08.17.17 by Kevin Conklin

Announcing iMacros v12

Ipswitch is excited to announce a new release of iMacros, the world’s most popular web automation, data extraction and web testing solution.

Posted on 08.14.17 by Kevin Conklin

3 Network Admin Superpowers You Need

Due to unplanned service interruptions, all IT teams must spend some time fixing problems and preparing for future issues. It’s inevitable.

Posted on 08.10.17 by Kevin Conklin

Detecting And Preventing Electrical Fires In Your IT Infrastructure

Despite low probability, the risk to people, property and the business is too high not to plan proactively.

Posted on 07.20.17 by Kevin Conklin

Five Impressive Features In The Windows 10 Creators Update

The inevitable question any time a new OS update comes out is whether or not that means it’s time to upgrade. Is the Windows 10 Creators Update worth it?

Posted on 07.18.17 by Kevin Conklin

Should You Start Using Business VoIP Phones?

It is always difficult to satisfy differing needs in an office, but when it comes to business phone services VoIP phones offer the most benefits for each position. 

Posted on 06.27.17 by Kevin Conklin

The Return of the Ransomware Attacks

Once again, mass reports are circulating of a ransomware attack sweeping across the globe.

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