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Posted on 11.11.16 by Koen Van Impe

The Krebs Attack: Sign of a Game Changer

DDoS attacks have become a fact of life. If you have a web presence, then it's only a matter of time before you find yourself dealing with the consequences of a DDoS attack.

Posted on 10.06.16 by Koen Van Impe

Understanding Network Intrusions With the Cyber Kill Chain

The computer security world uses a lot of military language and concepts. This is not just because it "sounds good" but because there are many useful analogies to be found.

Posted on 08.08.16 by Koen Van Impe

An Introduction to Exploit Kits

In early June, the news broke that the Angler exploit kit was no longer the method of choice for malware delivery, especially ransomware. According to SC Magazine, attackers have now switched to the Neutrino exploit kit, perhaps in an effort to avoid detection.

Posted on 05.20.16 by Koen Van Impe

Proper Script Management: A Practical Guide

Scripts are the meat and juice of system administrators. Being able to make use of an extensive set of scripts suitable for different tasks is essential for a sysadmin. But how do you actually do the script management?

Posted on 04.28.16 by Koen Van Impe

Using Geolocation Data to Benefit Security

If you do any security monitoring, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of events you need to track. You can start by doing longer hours, but eventually you'll end up in a swamp — sucked in to the point that workflow comes to a standstill.

Posted on 04.08.16 by Koen Van Impe

Sharing Encryption Keys: A Practical Example With GPG

Encryption keys are considered the key to the kingdom, both from a server-, service- and user-oriented approach. One of the most popular solutions for encryption keys is GnuPG, an implementation of the OpenPGP standard for encrypting and signing data and communication....

Posted on 04.01.16 by Koen Van Impe

How to Optimize Your Scripting Tasks

Most people in IT, especially security, have worked with some form of code. Whether it's for automating system tasks, performing network monitoring or developing full-fledged applications, understanding certain scripts is necessary to keeping support running every day.

Posted on 03.01.16 by Koen Van Impe

9 Things to Know When Using the GDPR to Your Advantage

In December 2015, the European Parliament and Council reached an agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) proposed by the Commission. The reform modernizes the principles from the 1995 Data Protection Directive and applies to personal data (cookies,...

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