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Posted on 08.24.17 by Mark Towler

WhatsUp Gold Adds Cloud Monitoring and Increased Performance

Today, WhatsUp Gold introduces cloud monitoring tools and enhances storage monitoring capabilities. Service packs are meant to address issues or bugs, but this service pack is actually packed full of new features! 

Posted on 01.27.17 by Mark Towler

Ipswitch Failover 9.5 Adds More to Virtual Environments

John Picinich, Senior Product Manager at Ipswitch, discusses what's new in Ipswitch Failover 9.5. Ipswitch Failover protects against downtime and makes sure your critical applications are available regardless of the source of the threat. New features add more flexibility...

Posted on 01.04.17 by Mark Towler

Does Your Software Licensing Work for You or Your Vendor?

“If there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s software licensing.” This was said to me, unprompted, by my friend Janine who works in government. She managed operations at large federal organization and handled budget items in the billions of dollars each year. But her...

Posted on 12.20.16 by Mark Towler

Dropbox Drops the Ball Along with Public Folders

As some of you may know, Dropbox recently aggravated many of their users by announcing the end of support for their Public Folder feature. The backlash has been swift, with users not only complaining loudly on Dropbox forums but also up-voting to the Top 10 list a...

Posted on 11.10.16 by Mark Towler

Taking the Stress Out of Online Testing

I had recently become a substitute teacher at a Boston-area high school and one morning not a single sophomore showed up for my sociology class. The French teacher in the classroom next to mine explained that MCAS season was upon us and educators in non-essential...

Posted on 10.17.16 by Mark Towler

OPM Cyber Attack Shows Systemic Issues in Government IT

When it comes to dealing with a cyber attack, IT teams need to respond quickly and confidently. That being said, I was just reading this article about how the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has very belatedly released a report on the cyber attacks...

Posted on 09.09.16 by Mark Towler

Apple is "Courageously" Degrading the User Experience


Will the Apple iPhone 7 user experience take a hit with $159 AirPods?

Posted on 09.01.16 by Mark Towler

Software and Music: Function Follows Convenience


Famous cassette tape print ad from the 1980s : "Is it live, or is it Memorex?"

Posted on 07.20.16 by Mark Towler

Cisco Live Recap: Droves, Digletts, and Drafts

I’ve been to many IT conferences over the years, some have been underwhelming, and some have been more than worth the trip. Cisco Live US 2016 last week in Las Vegas definitely falls into the latter category. And it’s certainly justified, grown men playing Pokémon Go...

Posted on 07.11.16 by Mark Towler

Introducing Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017: IT Monitoring Reimagined

Today I’m thrilled to announce Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold 2017, a major new release of our flagship network and IT monitoring software used by tens of thousands of IT teams.

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