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Posted on 06.23.16 by Mark Towler

Setting Up Device Roles in WhatsUp Gold

Your first exposure to any tool can be daunting to say the least. In the instance of WhatsUp Gold, we strive to make that initial process of implementing IT monitoring as simple and smooth as possible. With some guidance you can harness the flexibility of this powerful...

Posted on 04.26.16 by Mark Towler

How One IT Team Chose Automation over Complexity

Michael Roth, senior systems engineer, at the University of North Georgia (UNG) is proud to tell his tale about how his team chose automation over IT complexity by changing a manual network inventory process across the school’s 5 campuses.

Posted on 04.25.16 by Mark Towler

7 Reasons Why You Should Try WhatsUp Gold 2016

Today we announced the availability of WhatsUp Gold 2016, the latest version of our flagship monitoring solution. WhatsUp Gold 2016 features TotalView, and enables IT teams to monitor and securely control applications, network devices, servers, storage and network...

Posted on 04.22.16 by Mark Towler

Extinguishing Network Fires at Klein Steel

Most IT teams don’t have the budget or resources to satisfy the growing demands of their users. The demand comes in many forms, such as bandwidth consumption, Wi-Fi access, power utilization, and storage capacity; just to name a few.

Posted on 02.25.16 by Mark Towler

Ofcom’s Move to Open Up BT OpenReach Network: Pros and Cons

I haven’t been at Ipswitch long, but reading about OfCom opening up BT’s network to rivals got me thinking. While BT has avoided an AT&T-like break-up (for now) the ramifications of this are going to make a lot of people either happy or angry – or even both. In theory,...

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