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Posted on 12.14.16 by Mark Underwood

How Secure Is Google Drive?

Exfiltration is a decidedly unpleasant word, and it's rarely connected with Google's benign application suite used freely by millions all over the world — Google Apps. Specifically, how secure is Google Drive? Google Drive, a potentially massive repository of...

Posted on 11.10.16 by Mark Underwood

Attacking the Mother Lode, Can They Hack LastPass?

Put all your eggs in one basket.

Posted on 09.27.16 by Mark Underwood

Hack an Election: Cybersecurity and the Cornerstone of Democracy

Somewhere out on the dark web, many expect to find a thinly disguised how-to page, complete with FAQs. On the public internet, it would be called "How to Hack an Election."

Posted on 09.06.16 by Mark Underwood

SSD vs. HDD: SSDs for Supercomputers and Everyman Servers?

By now, most IT professionals have dipped their toes in the solid-state drive (SSD) vs. hard disk drive (HDD) waters, but may not have had time to sort out the different types of SSDs used in their machines.

Posted on 08.13.16 by Mark Underwood

How Deep Learning Will Impact Your Future Employability

Today, deep learning is just a cool technology, but it could mean that you won't qualify for tomorrow's best-paying jobs, even if you work in IT.

Posted on 07.05.16 by Mark Underwood

Artificial Intelligence for Sysadmins

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on a roll. There's more AI technology and innovation coming into our everyday lives than ever before. It's happening through developments spurred on by 800 pound tech gorillas like Amazon and IBM, and big brands in transportation like Uber...

Posted on 03.18.16 by Mark Underwood

Five Offensive Cyber War Events and What Might Follow

"We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news: Yesterday, we reported on a privacy leak at Northrop Grumman affecting some of its employees. That much was true, but today a spokesman for USCYBERCOM said the 'leak' was part of a much larger, concerted cyber war...

Posted on 03.14.16 by Mark Underwood

Configuration Management's Secret Weapon Is Hiding in Plain Sight

"Now how do I do that again?"

Posted on 01.19.16 by Mark Underwood

11 Approaches to Employee Data Theft When Someone Leaves

The hotshot developer your company just lost to a competitor could also be your biggest security risk from employee data theft. You shouldn't wait until he's left carrying a 1TB flash drive full of trade secrets to worry about what else may have just walked out the door.

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