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Missy Januszko
Missy Januszko is an independent IT consultant, with more than 20 years of experience as an enterprise hosting architect, large-scale infrastructure designer, and hosted application designer. She specializes in DevOps, automation and configuration management, PowerShell, and Active Directory, and has broad experience across the entire line of Microsoft business technologies. Missy is a co-author of “The DSC Book” with Microsoft MVP Don Jones, and she is also a conference speaker on DSC-related topics. She is a contributor to a number of open-source projects, including “Tug”, the open-source DSC pull server, and “Autolab”, an automated, rapid-install lab build.

Recent Posts

Posted on 06.27.19 by Missy Januszko

A DevOps Primer For Healthcare IT Teams

DevOps, the latest in software engineering and IT operations trends, defines a set of processes, tools, practices, and interactions that foster collaboration between developers and operations to achieve high-quality business outcomes. In this article, we are going to...

Posted on 01.30.18 by Missy Januszko

Gaming in 2-D: Text-Based Gaming and its Roots in IT

You turn on your computer.  You navigate to your favorite IT blog, Defrag This, to read about what’s new in the world of technology.  Select one of the articles to read:

Posted on 10.19.17 by Missy Januszko

Building Your First Linux Box

Here is a proper tutorial to building your first Linux box from the perspective of a Windows person.

Posted on 09.27.17 by Missy Januszko

Setting Up Red and Blue security teams

Defending against new threats is a never-ending battle, and in that battle, regular penetration testing becomes a great weapon in a security team’s arsenal.

Posted on 07.10.17 by Missy Januszko

How To Properly Protect Data With FTPS

FTPS helps to encrypt and transfer private information within the constraints of regulatory requirements.

Posted on 05.29.17 by Missy Januszko

Securing Digital Communications Using a PKI

Just how protected are your passwords and credit card numbers when you enter them into websites? That's where PKI (public key infrastructure) comes in.

Posted on 03.06.17 by Missy Januszko

Relationship Between CISOs and IT Teams

The CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) position is complex and demanding. With an ever-expanding threat landscape, the CISO navigates a complex web of responsibilities that run the gamut from staying ahead of cyberattacks, managing security teams, and analyzing...

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