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Posted on 09.28.17 by Monica Gupta

MOVEit Secure File Transfer: 3 Deployment Methods

Each MOVEit deployment option promises to securely transfer your sensitive data from point A to point B. While one option isn’t better than the others, one may fit you best.

Posted on 09.13.17 by Monica Gupta

New York Cyber Security Regulation Now In Effect

The New York Cyber Security Regulation is now in effect as of August 28th, 2017. If you are a financial institution, you need to comply.

Posted on 12.12.16 by Monica Gupta

Hospital Automates File Transfers to Streamline Billing

Every payment processed by a 1,500 bed Connecticut-based hospital involves a number of file transfers. This translates to thousands of file transfers that their IT team needs to handle on a daily basis.

Posted on 11.22.16 by Monica Gupta

What’s New in WS_FTP Server 2017

Our WS_FTP Server has helped organizations transfer and protect their confidential information between colleagues, partners and clients for over 20 years. Take the Denver Broncos, for example. They have been using WS_FTP to keep confidential team information like plays...

Posted on 11.15.16 by Monica Gupta

Why MOVEit Won Frost & Sullivan's 2016 Product Leadership Award

Assuring your organization's exchange of sensitive data, both inside and outside a firewall, is an area of concern for many IT pros. This is especially true for healthcare organizations that are mandated to follow compliance regulations like those outlined by HIPAA....

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