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Posted on 09.10.15 by Paul Castiglione

5 Ways Managed File Transfer Makes IT Pros' Do Better

The responsibility for safeguarding sensitive company information and securely transferring it falls on the already stretched thin IT departments. Luckily, there are many options available for IT when it comes to file transfer. Email, FTP, USB drives and EFSS services...

Posted on 09.08.15 by Paul Castiglione

File Transfer Automation using Powershell or Automation Tools

Managed file transfer automation tools, like MOVEit Central, can make automating common tasks related to file transfers in much less time.

Posted on 07.16.15 by Paul Castiglione

3 Tips to Reduce Compliance Costs

Over the past few years, security threats have increased in frequency and costliness, making adhering to the proper compliance standards a top concern for many IT leaders. And while a compliance audit may cost an organization a considerable amount of money, the cost...

Posted on 07.07.15 by Paul Castiglione

How to Simplify a Compliance Audit

With an alarming number of security breaches and data loss this past year, maintaining compliance with industry regulations is a top concern for IT pros and senior leadership. So why are IT departments leaving compliance and security processes to chance? (Particularly...

Posted on 06.25.15 by Paul Castiglione

Ipswitch Study: Compliance Audit or a Root Canal?


Infographic: Don't Get Drilled by a Compliance Audit (Click on image to expand to full size)

Posted on 06.04.15 by Paul Castiglione

Announcing Ipswitch Analytics: Managed File Transfer Analytics and Reporting

I’m excited to share the news of our release of Ipswitch Analytics, a new reporting and monitoring solution for MOVEit™ Secure Managed File Transfer. Ipswitch Analytics ensures reliable, cost-effective and auditable file transfers. IT teams gain deep insight into...

Posted on 05.26.15 by Paul Castiglione

Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Ten Major MFT Requirements

Last week we broke down the real-world benefits of managed file transfer (MFT) as part of our ongoing series around our new reference book, Managed File Transfer for Dummies. This week, we share highlights from the final chapter, which looks at ten major MFT requirements...

Posted on 05.22.15 by Paul Castiglione

Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Studying the Real‐World Benefits of MFT

Click on the image to download your free copy of "Managed File Transfer for Dummies"!

Posted on 05.13.15 by Paul Castiglione

Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Improving Agility and Productivity Through File Transfer Automation

If you've been following our blog the past few weeks, you've been getting an exclusive look at our new primer Managed File Transfer for Dummies. This week we’re diving into Chapter 3, where we explain how managed file transfer (MFT) can transform your enterprises’ file...

Posted on 05.05.15 by Paul Castiglione

Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Achieving Data Security

Download your free copy of Managed File Transfer for Dummies today!

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