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Posted on 01.06.17 by Richard Allen

Three Compliance and Security Predictions for 2017

Compliance stays in the picture. Why? Because today’s agile business environment requires employees to share data, information and other documentation both inside and outside their organizations on a regular basis. But for companies in highly regulated industries –...

Posted on 12.05.16 by Richard Allen

How to Secure Data in Motion

While it’s important to secure data no matter where it lives, data in motion is at its most vulnerable for hackers and needs to be a focus point for your security and compliance efforts.

Posted on 10.21.15 by Richard Allen

Managed File Transfer Innovation

Today kicks off the Ipswitch Innovate Virtual Summit and at 12:40pm ET I’ll be discussing trends and developments within our industry. To give you a preview of what I’ll be talking about, I’d like to highlight some of the new product breakthroughs we’ll soon be rolling...

Posted on 06.13.14 by Richard Allen

Managed File Transfer vs. SOA

File transfer has been a common and serviceable way to exchange information among computer systems since the dawn of digital time. Even today, despite the growing use of transactional integration technologies like service-oriented architecture (SOA) and enterprise...

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