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Posted on 09.26.19 by Joe Hewitson

Future Proofing Your Data Archiving Strategy

Data archiving is an odd practice at times. When big data is focused on every last bit of information, the idea of relegating any amount of it to outdated media can seem like a waste of resources. Add the cloud and you begin to see how out of place this concept can be.

Posted on 01.17.19 by Joe Hewitson

Managing the Stress in IT: A Sysadmin's Perspective

Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable aspect of any IT job. Deadlines start piling up, resources are stretched thin and before you know it, your cholesterol levels read more like a lopsided basketball game than a healthy screening. For sysadmins, managing the stress in...

Posted on 07.24.18 by Joe Hewitson

Five Top Soft Spots in Healthcare IT Security

Healthcare IT continues to be a poster child for enterprise security at large. Infosecurity Magazine reported that healthcare data breaches rose 63% over the prior year. It's clear that health care is a common target for cybercriminals, but in what specific areas of...

Posted on 07.11.18 by Joe Hewitson

The HIPAA Security Rule: How to Better Manage Compliance

Document sharing is a double-edged sword in modern healthcare. On one hand, the ability to quickly and efficiently share critical patient information between authorized medical professionals can make all the difference in patient care. On the other hand, health care...

Posted on 04.17.17 by Joe Hewitson

How to Use Syslog to Help Defend Against Network Attacks

Detecting attacks on network environments has become an unfortunate necessity of modern IT.

Posted on 03.14.17 by Joe Hewitson

3 Hacks To Achieve Agile IT

Agile business models are pretty much a necessity in today's enterprise world and IT security is certainly no different.

Posted on 02.07.17 by Joe Hewitson

Security, Efficiency, and a Better Healthcare IT Strategy

When it comes to healthcare IT strategy, data security and efficiency are two of the top priorities when budgets are drawn out. Though IT teams are no strangers to tight budgets and dwindling resources, a recent survey reported by PR Newswire reveals some good news for...

Posted on 12.12.16 by Joe Hewitson

Healthcare Data and the Complexities of Enterprise Communication

Effective, reliable and secure communication is an important aspect of any successful business. This concept becomes even more critical when sensitive information like health care data is involved. Yet, despite the clear need for transparent communication, why do so many...

Posted on 11.01.16 by Joe Hewitson

It's Time to Start Thinking About IoT Security

IoT security is a growing concern as modern enterprise attempts to take advantage of these handy devices. These concerns are then compounded by reports of DDoS attacks perpetrated with the devices causing massive damage to unsuspecting victims. More recently, a ...

Posted on 09.28.16 by Joe Hewitson

3 Ways Fintech is Revamping An Aging Bank Infrastructure

Technology in the financial sector, otherwise known as fintech, has matured at an impressive rate in recent months. Much of this progress can be directly attributed to growing interest from brick-and-mortar banks. In fact, these pillars of the financial sector have ...

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