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Posted on 01.16.19 by Jacqueline Lee

What Is A+ Certification? Your Ticket to an A+ Resume

There's a truth that people applying for IT jobs need to keep in mind: most recruiters know next to nothing about IT. You'll get a blank stare when you ask them, "What is A+ certification?"

Posted on 01.03.18 by Jacqueline Lee

SOX Compliance: What is the IT Team's Role?

Remember the corporate accounting scandals that took out Enron, Arthur Andersen and WorldCom? They all ended with prison sentences, layoffs, and billions of investor dollars lost forever.

Posted on 02.09.17 by Jacqueline Lee

How Financial Services Firms Can Prevent SLA Penalties

For 95 percent of enterprises, one hour of downtime costs $100,000 or more in SLA penalties according to data from ITIC.

Posted on 01.12.17 by Jacqueline Lee

A Day in the Life of a Healthcare CIO — No Pressure!

Some things happen to a healthcare CIO that just don't happen to IT execs outside of the healthcare industry. On some days, you walk down the hospital corridors beaming, thinking of how your work directly improves human health and quality of life. On other days, you'd...

Posted on 11.02.16 by Jacqueline Lee

You Gotta Fight for Your Right...to IT Security Training

In addition to training for core skills and emerging technologies, IT teams need training to combat evolving security threats. 


Posted on 10.25.16 by Jacqueline Lee

E-waste Regulations: Sustainable, Green, and Secure

When disposing of electronic equipment, IT has to think not only about environmentally friendly disposal but also compliance concerns. For example, HIPAA regulations, as explained by HealthITSecurity, require entities that handle personal health information (PHI) to...

Posted on 10.19.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Turning the Yahoo Data Breach Into a Positive for IT

The Yahoo data breach, first reported in August 2016, has exposed personal information from as many as 500 million Yahoo accounts. The attack, according to USA Today, most likely happened in 2014, and it's thought to be the largest single data breach in history.

Posted on 09.28.16 by Jacqueline Lee

The Value of Information Technology as a Business Partner

It's undeniable: the way IT fits into business operations is changing. Proving the value of information technology teams as business partners could be the difference between the outsourcing of services and outsourcing of, frankly, everyone.

Posted on 09.23.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Redhat for Security: Myth or Mantra?

When it comes to which server operating system is better, you know the score: Redhat for security, Windows Server for easier all-around operation.

Posted on 09.01.16 by Jacqueline Lee

CryptoDrop: Prevent Ransomware Attacks By Stopping Encryption Early

Researchers from the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS) have developed a solution to prevent ransomware by stopping encryption early, giving victims less incentive to pay off their attackers. Instead of using continuous file monitoring, which can...

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