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Posted on 09.01.16 by Jacqueline Lee

CryptoDrop: Prevent Ransomware Attacks By Stopping Encryption Early

Researchers from the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research (FICS) have developed a solution to prevent ransomware by stopping encryption early, giving victims less incentive to pay off their attackers. Instead of using continuous file monitoring, which can...

Posted on 07.18.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Server Certification Makes You a Server or Storage Pro

CompTIA A+ certification gives you a basic foundation in networking, software and PC hardware. Server+ certification helps you dig deeper into those concepts as they relate to the server. The latter credential tells shops you have what it takes to be a server technician,...

Posted on 06.29.16 by Jacqueline Lee

15 IT Conferences to Help You Take Your Career to the Next Level


Posted on 06.24.16 by Jacqueline Lee

The Role of IT in Business: Big Data Means Big Opportunities

Today's organizations collect more data than ever before, and much of it goes unused. According to Forrester, an estimated 60 to 73 percent of data collected never gets leveraged for business intelligence and analytics. The new role of IT in business includes helping...

Posted on 05.06.16 by Jacqueline Lee

What IT Pros Think About Microsoft MVP Program Evolution


Microsoft MVPs are now judged on body of work, not on forum comments and blog posts.

Posted on 04.07.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Why Security+ Certification Is Your Ticket to a Rewarding Career

Do jobs like security specialist, security analyst, systems administrator, security administrator, network administrator or security consultant sound right for you? Those who work in IT are always looking to bolster their current credentials or sharpen up in network...

Posted on 03.28.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Preparing for Network+ Certification to Boost Your IT Career

Want to specialize in designing, managing, configuring and troubleshooting both wired and wireless networks? CompTIA Network+ certification is an easy and affordable way to get ahead (sorry for the plug, but it's true). It shows employers tangible proof that you know...

Posted on 03.17.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Tackling an Advanced Persistent Threat: A Lesson From Jurassic Park

Photo source: Flickr

Posted on 02.23.16 by Jacqueline Lee

Big Business Network Stability on a Small Business Budget

Posted on 01.21.16 by Jacqueline Lee

SMB Security Vulnerability Assessment: Is It Really Worth It?

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