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Automated File-Based Workflows Between Trading Partners at BlueCross BlueShield Arkansas

Zak Pines| October 20 2015

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Time is moving fast and tomorrow the Ipswitch Innovate Virtual Summit will kick off. Over the past few weeks I’ve been previewing sessions on the agenda including those presented by our customers. Today, I offer a quick look at a case study by Nathan Hays, senior micro services analyst at BlueCross BlueShield Arkansas. His talk is “Automated File-based Workflows Between Trading Partners.”

A Solution that’s a Source of Good Will

Although email wasn’t the most secure way for the 3,000 employees of BlueCross BlueShield Arkansas to transfer files, they nonetheless used it because in 2005 it was all the company had.

This bothered Nathan Hays, the insurer’s senior micro services analyst, because he knew that not only email wasn’t a secure method to transfer health, financial and other sensitive data but it also limited the size of files that could be sent and it was difficult to manage FTP programs.

Then, thanks to a client’s recommendation, BlueCross and BlueShield Arkansas started using MOVEit – our automated file transfer system. Nathan was no longer bothered; MOVEit complies with HIPAA regulations by securely transferring confidential patient information. It also ensures the company won’t miss an SLA and it will always meet auditor requirements.

“We’re tied to specific security requirements, and that’s a challenge we need to be aware of.” – Nathan Hays, senior micro services analyst, BlueCross and BlueShield Arkansas.

Tune in to Nathan’s talk at 11:50 p.m. EDT tomorrow and learn why MOVEit has made his department a recipient of “praise and good will” among colleagues who rely on file transfers.

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