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Credit Union’s New FTP Program To Meet Regulatory Compliance

Greg Mooney| November 06 2015

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The State Employee Credit Union (SECU) of North Carolina has a mission to provide the best possible online financial services to its 2 million members.  As a result, the IT team at SECU has created an IT environment that focuses on speed, reliability and security.

Yet, the IT team had serious problems transferring data between different systems and locations. They relied on scripts patched together with custom (?) software, and the results were predictably lacking. Robert Skinner, the team lead of distributed systems at SECU, knew a change had to come.

Robert eventually discovered Ipswitch’s MOVEit platform and used it to modernize how SECU updates and moves data across multiple systems and locations.

A Productive and Secure IT Infrastructure

Robert knew that improving how SECU transferred critical data would allow employees to respond quickly to SECU’s members. His department works with other teams that have to move files internally and externally. A productivity increase in distributed systems means an increase throughout the entire infrastructure.

Secure Data Transfer Detrimental to Sales

Robert examined the workflows of other departments, particularly when and how they need to transfer data. One workflow that he knew could improve was home loan closing, where delays in data exchange can affect sales. He set out to reduce the cost and total time it took for mortgage closing and refinancing.

Still, before Robert was capable of improving the home loan closing process directly, it was vital to understand the challenges and limitations of the current system.

Faced with Challenges and Limitations

SECU faced unique challenges when it came to securely and reliably transferring data between systems and locations:

  • The existing method made use of custom scripts and FTP servers, creating an unreliable way to transfer important data to FTP clients
  • SECU must meet compliance standards that require that data is protected and moved securely, along with upholding SECU’s own risk management and IT security policies
  • Disaster recovery had to be a priority

“The level of compliance that we live up to requires that all data be protected, be securely moved, as well as have an audit trail of when things are moved and who touches different pieces of what information,” Robert said.

Knowing the importance of meeting compliance standards and how speed and reliability could improve workflow, Robert set out to find a tool to get the job done.

File Management That Emphasizes Cyber Security

Once Robert discovered Ipswitch’s MOVEit File Transfer Server and MOVEit Central – a file management software suite that emphasizes security and ease of use – he knew his search was over. MOVEit now allows Robert and his team to streamline the process of moving data across locations and systems. The suite had other benefits:

  • MOVEit File Transfer is an externally facing environment for securely transferring documents and files. Using an interface similar to modern consumer cloud products, SECU required little training to make use of MOVEit DMZ
  • MOVEit Central moves files between MOVEit File Transfer and SECU’s secure internal network, creating a useful audit trail and ongoing security
  • SECU’s business processes now have increased response times and decreased processing times, which creates improved services and reduces overhead costs
  • MOVEit Central satisfies the need for a disaster recovery environment
  • SECU now uses workflow automation that allows for centralization and control of which accounts are moving files, along with which ones were moving between servers

ROI from a Streamlined FT Program

Robert used MOVEit File Transfer to dramatically improve home loan closing, a process that involves external lawyers. Instead of having to physically send and receive documents, which often pushed critical deadlines, the lawyers can now download and upload documents and easily make deadlines.

The lawyers and SECU employees receive alerts when documents are ready, substantially reducing the processing time for home loan closing.

“We’re able to complete transactions, not have people sit around waiting for something. They know, they got an email, the file is here, now they can go ahead and process this,” Skinner reports.

SECU is now capable of saving members $100,000 per month by using MOVEit File Transfer and MOVEit Central. How are they saving so much? Robert dives into deeper detail in his presentation at Ipswitch Innovation Summit 2015.

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Greg is a technologist and data geek with over 10 years in tech. He has worked in a variety of industries as an IT manager and software tester. Greg is an avid writer on everything IT related, from cyber security to troubleshooting.

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