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Podcast: The Year of the Data Breach

Greg Mooney| December 22 2017

| Podcasts, security


There's no debate, 2017 is going down as the year that cyber security went mainstream. Hosts, Greg Mooney and Jeff Edwards discuss the biggest data breaches of 2017.

The 1 Year Anniversary of Defrag This

My dream has always been to create of some form of media such as a radio program or a podcast, so when I was given the chance to start Defrag This to say I was excited is a bit of an understatement. It was fascinating to see the show evolve over the course of 2017 and there are many to thank for that organic growth from my superiors to our production team at Sweetfish Media. 

What started off as modest goals and a great vision to provide commentary on the endless news cycle that has brought IT professionals to the front in the battle against cyber attacks, has turned into what I hope is a great source for learning and reflection for IT professionals. 

I want to thank all our listeners for believing in the podcast. I hope that the show only grows to become even more popular and more engaging as we move forward into the new year. It's certainly my new year's resolution to provide even more meaningful content to the one's who make the world go round in this tech world...IT pros!

Now a little look back on 2017.

Cyber Security Goes Mainstream in 2017

Cyber security is no longer a niche discussion among information security professionals. At this point, almost everyone has been effected by a data breach of some sort, whether it be leaked credit card data or identity theft. Actually, if you haven't been effected yet, then you must be so completely off the grid that the chances of you reading this article are lower than being struck by a meteorite. 

However, there is still a lot of misinformation being thrown around about how to protect yourself and your business from cyber attacks. The mainstream media only gets it half right, and the other half they usually miss isn't their fault, it's really a lack of understanding. These attacks are becoming very sophisticated, and there is no way to be completely safe form them. 

Actually, there was so much to talk about when it comes to cyber attacks in 2017, that we couldn't fit it in one article.

Check out this article and infographic to see how the year of 2017 unfolded.

Topics: Podcasts, security

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Greg is a technologist and data geek with over 10 years in tech. He has worked in a variety of industries as an IT manager and software tester. Greg is an avid writer on everything IT related, from cyber security to troubleshooting.

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