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Five IT Pros Everyone in High Tech Should Follow

Megan Morreale| January 07 2016

| security

Whether you're new to Twitter or an active user, there are some quality and innovative IT pros to follow alongside your company account and parody Darth Vader streams. As innovative leaders who have consistently disrupted the tech landscape with their contributions, their insights have guided me through a range of security and networking issues on several occasions.

These five IT pros come from a host of backgrounds; they are data security, virtualization and web technology veterans committed to filling your feed with the latest IT news and information.

Chris Wysopal, Co-founder and CTO of Veracode

it pros chris wysopal
Wysopal currently heads up technology strategy and information security at Veracode, but made his name as an original vulnerability researcher at L0pht Heavy Industries, a high-profile underground hacker think tank that operated out of Boston from 1992 to 2000, when they merged with @stake in their evolution to a whitehat computer security company.

Wysopal was one of the first to publicize the risks of infosec software, and his recommendations helped me fight SQL injections and other types of common security threats in the past. This veteran security specialist also advises Congress on government security issues.

Follow him on Twitter @Welpon.

Brian Madden, Desktop Virtualization Expert

brian madden it pros
If you're using virtualization software, Madden is the man you want to follow on Twitter. For past considerations of VMWare versus Citrix, or other virtualization players like Ericom and others, Madden will provide you with all the latest technology updates. I credit him with my decision to drop Citrix for a more scalable virtualization solution.

Madden's also one of the IT world's most fiercely independent and opinionated IT writers. You can check out his work on BrianMadden.com.

Follow him on Twitter @BrianMadden.

Dave Winer, 'The Creator of Blogging'



Winer may not be the sole creator of blogging, but if you've ever blogged, subscribed to an RSS feed or listened to a podcast, he's the guy to thank. Winer is noted for his contributions to outliners, scripting, content management and Web services, as well as blogging and podcasting. Follow him for industry news on how to better make Web-based apps work for your organization.

"When the history of the Web is written," raves The Guardian, "his name will be up there in lights, because he was the guy who showed what blogging could do."

Follow Winer on Twitter @davewiner, or subscribe to his RSS feed through his live blog, Scripting.

Chris Matthieu, Director of IoT, Citrix

chris matthieu it pros
Matthieu is an expert in network and web topics and every layer in between, with a particular specialization in developing architecture, SOA and SaaS technologies.

Right now he's heading up engineering teams for Octoblu Internet of Things (IoT) at Citrix. With notable clients including BlueCross BlueShield of AZ, Accenture, and other big names on his resume, Matthieu's experienced insights help me stay ahead of the curve at the crucial intersection of IoT technologies and business strategies.

Follow him on Twitter @chrismatthieu

Graham Cluley, Award-Winning Security Expert

Graham Cluley IT pros

Cluley is a veteran of Naked Security, a popular cybersecurity website. His background spans the entire cybersecurity spectrum, dishing out advice on configuring a VPN, creating the strongest possible password for your iPhone and other related infosec topics.

Due to the considerable depth and breadth of highly qualified and innovative IT pros worldwide who have each contributed in their own way to the evolving IT landscape, narrowing the selection down to five can be a daunting challenge. But if you're an IT pro looking to stay ahead of the ever-evolving IT game, advance your career, or just get through some of the rough patches in your job, these are the tech leaders and disruptors you want to include in your Twitter stream.

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