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2015 Trendwatch: Internet of Things and SDN

Ipswitch Blog| December 29 2014

| IT insights

With 2015 just a few days away, folks at companies like ours are reflecting upon the past year while predicting and planning for the New Year ahead. Our recent “Happy Holidays?” survey, polled 206 IT professionals in the U.S. and asked about their 2015 resolutions. Forty-three percent of all respondents resolve to increase IT security measures. The same number of respondents pledge to solve network and IT problems faster while a much smaller percentage (14 percent, to be accurate) seek to find their network's wireless bandwidth hoarders.

Looking outside our own walls, I've recently read through Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 and here's my take on a few of them:


Gartner Top 2015 Strategic Technology Trends (Source: Gartner) Gartner Top 2015 Strategic Technology Trends (Source: Gartner)


  • Internet of Things (IoT): While Internet of Things-inspired usage models will open up new go-to-market opportunities, these opportunities will first require technology bets. Secondly, we also believe that proprietary competing systems for communication, data aggregation, workflow integration will proliferate – however, in order to scale well a person will need not to have picked Betamax. Additionally beyond this, Gartner’s larger point remains very important: it is time to embrace paradigm shifts and adopt new business models wherever they may come from.
  • Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure: Many hardware constraints are giving way to configurable flexibility and elasticity, just we saw with virtualization. However, the “you can do anything” mentality has to be constrained by “so what should you be doing?” It is a classic design problem: the same components can be used properly or improperly. This is the start of an adventure, missing rules of thumb, mature standardization and, yes, knowledge that we will have a few years from now. For IT to step into this future requires: an investment in the smartest people, openness to the new, training and commitment to prudent risk training within the usual cost constraints. Speed will also be integral to gain competitive advantage – everyone is in this race.

Speaking of the Internet of Things, wearable technology and other portable Internet-enabled devices will put more and more strain on network resources including wireless bandwidth. Our Flow Monitor tool can help IT pros understand wired and wireless bandwidth consumption and network traffic. If you like, give it a try for free for 30 days.

As we head into 2015, what will the New Year have in store for IT? Only time will tell!

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