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Intelligent Systems Are Here - Are You Ready?

Greg Mooney| June 09 2016

| IT insights

Intelligent Systems Are Here – Are You Ready?Keeping up with ever evolving obstacles has become a serious hindrance to IT teams across the globe. New data security exploits are now a daily occurrence, the Internet of Things is beginning to clog IT systems, and workflows are becoming so convoluted that IT is never able to catch up.

Unfortunately, the combination of all this work can’t be done or at least it’s not humanly possible and most SMBs don’t have budget for larger IT staffs. This is where intelligent systems are beginning to come into play.

Automation's Current Role in Complex IT

Over the past decade, automation has already become common place in IT environments and tools. Due to the growing complexity of business networks, automation has allowed IT admins to eliminate the tedium. Setting up a user’s machine? Automate it. Don’t want to install that important security update to every user’s machine on a Saturday night? Schedule and automate it.

Even when it comes to data security automation plays a big role in rounding up clues. Triggers are set to automatically send alerts when logs show clues of a possible hack. Automation for IT security is helpful in that it can help uncover a breach more quickly than it would be possible by manually checking all the log files.

But it isn’t enough. You can’t set up an alert for everything or you risk dealing with false positives or as we’ve come to know them, alert storms.

Intelligent Systems Are On The Rise

The truth is that IT teams are at the mercy of cyber criminals, user negligence, and lack of resources. Automation is great for freeing up time that would otherwise be wasted on busy work, but maintenance of these scripts is a full time job in itself. The obvious next step in IT efficiency is to implement intelligent systems. By “intelligent systems” we mean systems that are autonomous with learning capabilities.

A recent survey sponsored by Ipswitch entitled "Intelligent Systems in Action: The Rise of the Machines Has Already Begun"521 senior IT pros were polled to examine IT’s general sentiment around the rise of intelligent systems and even full-scale AI in the workplace.

Intelligent Systems on the Rise - Are you Ready

The results were interesting to say the least. 85% of IT professionals agree that business and IT operations are becoming more complex and fast moving, so it wasn’t shocking to see that 80% agree that intelligent systems create opportunity. What was interesting in the report’s findings was that a combined 69% of IT pros think intelligent automation already introduces new risks to businesses or will in the future.

There are mixed views when it comes to the implementation of intelligent systems to make businesses operate efficiently. Some believe that a truly intelligent system will not become mainstream in the near enough future to be of any assistance in curving the complexity of IT today. Others think that intelligent automation and AI could cause IT managers to become complacent. Regardless of your opinion, intelligent systems are here and they aren’t going away.

To learn more on how IT teams are reacting to the rise of intelligent machines, check out the full report.

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Greg is a technologist and data geek with over 10 years in tech. He has worked in a variety of industries as an IT manager and software tester. Greg is an avid writer on everything IT related, from cyber security to troubleshooting.

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