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Introducing MOVEit Central v9.0 Automated File Transfer

Ipswitch Blog| February 25 2016

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Introducing MOVEit Central V9.0 Automated File Transfer

Today I am psyched to share the news that MOVEit Central version 9.0 automated file transfer software as shipped. And by shipped I mean it’s available for purchase and download. MOVEit Central helps IT pros secure, manage, automate, view, and control all file transfer activity through a single system. Our latest version further helps IT teams improve security and compliance with SLAs and data privacy policies.

What’s New and Different

  • We expanded capabilities for authorized business analysts to monitor, schedule, share and run automated tasks through an all new web-based user interface
  • The new interface also improves the user experience and extends access from any platform or device
  • We made improvements to better organize tasks so our customers can manage business transactions with more intuitive navigation and configuration


MOVEit Central powers IT organizations that rely on secure, reliable file transfer for important business-to-business partner exchanges MOVEit Central powers IT organizations that rely on secure, reliable file transfer for important business-to-business partner exchanges


Don't Just Take My Word For It

Our customers tell me that the vast majority of file transfers are part of repetitive business processes. But some enable business analysts to securely monitor automated file transfer activity or schedule or run automated tasks. In some cases, they can modify existing tasks, such as change host destination or PGP encryption key.

MOVEit Central has helped folks in regulated industries automate what had been manually initiated file transfers. What results do they see? No more data loss when transferring data due to human or processing errors. Here’s what Nathan Hays, Systems Administrator, at a large health insurance provider has to say on the matter:

Now on to our friend Robert Skinner, an IT Pro at the North Carolina State Employees Credit Union. Transferring mortgage-related documents between pre-approved business partners and customers in a multi-step process. And more manual than anyone wants it to be. Robert automated this business process and workflow with MOVEit Central. As a result, the credit union was able to offer same day mortgage approvals to their customers.

Quotable Quotes 

  • "We have over 200 regular jobs moving every day. I'm no longer bogged down with dragging files around, and no longer have to do any hand holding. This is an incredible time-saver for us.” Ragan McBride, Business Process Automation , Viva Health. (Check out his full story here.)
  • We used to have 2–4 week backlog to automate file transfer tasks. We now have same day turn-around with MOVEit Central.” Scheduling Analyst, mid-size insurance company
  • MOVEit Central has been a true time saver for us. Tasks that once took an entire day by a business user are now accomplished in five minutes.” Head of Information Security, a global pharmaceutical company. (Check out his story here.)

Stay tuned for my next post that will share 5 things to consider when implementing automated file transfer technology.

If you’d like to take a close look at MOVEit, we’d be happy for you to speak with one of our automated file transfer specialists. Or, download our free 30 trial and see firsthand how MOVEit can make your IT life a little easier to manage.

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