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Ipswitch Analytics v2.0 Data Visualization Mitigates Risk

Ipswitch Blog| March 31 2016

| security

data-in-motionThere’s a broad spectrum of software from business intelligence to risk management that leverages data visualization. At the heart of data visualization is the ability to quickly gain insight on data trends using patterns and correlations vs. just text. This helps you to identify issues to help you focus on mitigating risk and improving performance.

The Risk of Data in Motion

Protecting private data within your trusted network from malware, phishing attacks, and insider threats is a constant battle. However, data in motion may be most at risk when outside your protected systems and networks.  If you’re an IT or security manager, then it’s likely that an important part of your job is to identify and mitigate risk that can lead to data loss. If this is the case, you need to rely on tools that quickly detect potential risks including data being moved between cloud applications, remote data centers, customers and partners.

Ipswitch Analytics 2.0 Improves Data Visualization

This week we announced the availability of the new Ipswitch Analytics v2.0. Ipswitch Analytics v2.0 has an improved data visualization capability that lets you see, interact, and quickly understand problems you need to troubleshoot and fix.

Within minutes you can create charts and graphs in Ipswitch Analytics that highlight anomalies in historical trends. It then enables you to access more detailed data to troubleshoot risks and performance gaps. With Ipswitch Analytics you have a consolidated view of data across all your MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) and MOVEit Central servers.

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In addition, Ipswitch Analytics v2.0 enables improved management of MOVEit Central automated activities through Task Groups.  There are also new platform updates for improved security, performance and compliance.

You can see the full set of features and updates in the Ipswitch Analytics release notes.

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