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Why Ipswitch File Transfer Created a Managed File Transfer Advocate Team

Zak Pines| October 03 2013

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managed file transfer best practices Ipswitch File Transfer's advocate team educates customers and prospects on Managed File Transfer best practices.


Earlier this year, we launched a Managed File Transfer Advocate team to help our customers and prospects navigate through an increasingly complex landscape where:

The absence of Managed File Transfer systems causes heightened pain for IT teams where file transfer processes are too manual and require too much setup. Increasingly there are many disparate systems performing various file transfer functions, which becomes very difficult to manage and a distraction from other work.

Current transfer systems are not easy to use for end users or partners. Moreover, employees are increasingly circumventing those systems with personal file sharing ones, subjecting businesses to increased risk. But IT is still held accountable by management for having the controls in place around file-based processes.

Many IT teams lack resources to keep up with these growing file transfer needs. They can’t scale or respond quickly to growth, changes or demands from users. Which creates more day-to-day pressure on IT.

With this as the backdrop, the Managed File Transfer Advocate team helps our customers and prospects access useful informational resources to support their managed file transfer journey. The team advocates for the advancement of managed file transfer, supporting greater visibility, security and control around file transfer for IT professionals. And helping IT shift their file transfer duties from managing users and antiquated systems to becoming a strategic IT resource in control of every file transfer in, out and within the business.

How does the team do this? By accumulating third-party and internal technical know-how and staying up to speed on best practices for planning, evaluating, selecting and implementing an MFT solution.

This team reaches out to those who engage with Ipswitch File Transfer’s educational content and webinars (hopefully you!) to check with them on their needs and interests, with the goals of:

  • Understanding where you are in the consideration and evaluation of managed file transfer solutions
  • Providing you with useful information resources – videos, webinars, white papers, briefs, and even posts from this blog

Some examples of this content are:

  • “Four Reasons Every Business Needs a Managed File Transfer Solution” – This webinar features file transfer analyst Michael Osterman and shares perspectives from IT professionals at Oppenheimer Funds & VIVA Health. It’s helpful for those who are looking to size up the costs of not implementing a managed file transfer system.
  • Evaluating Managed File Transfer in the Cloud – This guide outlines key considerations in looking at cloud-based managed file transfer solutions, and provides guidance on how to balance requirements for on-premise and cloud. It’s a perfect resource for those being asked to evaluate the advantages or disadvantages of a cloud-based MFT system, or develop a combined Cloud and On-Premise file transfer strategy.

Our team of advocates is helping IT professionals navigate their managed file transfer journey every day. For example, recently we’ve helped:

  • An IT professional define the requirements for an MFT system to satisfy his manager’s request for improved file automation
  • A systems administrator build the case for a managed file transfer system where he needed to get support from senior management
  • An information security professional communicate with colleagues around the implied costs and risks or NOT having a managed file transfer system
  • A CIO learn how similar businesses in the same industry (in his case, a credit union) have solved managed file transfer challenges

For these or any other cases where our team can support your managed file transfer education or decision-making process, contact our Managed File Transfer Advocate team to schedule an informational session.

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