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Localized Language Support for Managed File Transfers

Ipswitch Blog| December 03 2015

| security


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Today we released Ipswitch Analytics 1.1, an update to an add-on module for our MOVEit managed file transfer solution that offers flexible reporting and monitoring.  The most significant new capability is adding localized language support for end-users including Spanish, German and French (on top of English, of course).

What does this mean? It means life gets a little easier for end users.  For example, while a sysadmin can configure a localized language for all users, an end user can override and choose a different language for their own use that suits them better.  MOVEit users can now do all file transfer tasks in their native language: sending and receiving files, track the status of a transfer or create reports.

For a complete list of enhancements, check out our Ipswitch Analytics 1.1 Release Notes.

Simplified Managed File Transfer with MOVEit Server 8.2

While I am on the subject of new releases, last month we shipped MOVEit (DMZ) Server version 8.2, a secure managed file transfer server.  While there’s a number of updates in the new release, the most interesting is shared mailboxes.

This is a great feature for any team, where an individual member needs to securely send or receive large documents on behalf of their group.  Employees can now send large files securely to a single customer services mailbox, for example.  Any available customer services team member can access the file from the shared mailbox and securely reply to the employee.  There’s no longer a need to forward files between team members because everyone can access the same shared mailbox.  The feature can also be used to delegate access to co-workers during a temporary absence. The shared mailbox can be accessed from mobile devices, through web browsers, or an Outlook email client.

Read the MOVEit File Transfer (DMZ) Server 8.2 Release Notes for the complete list of updates.



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