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Managed File Transfer for Dummies: Understanding the Need for MFT

Paul Castiglione| April 28 2015

| security


Last week, we announced the release of our new reference book entitled Managed File Transfer for Dummies, written by security expert Randy Franklin Smith.

Over the coming weeks, we will provide a sneak peek into each chapter of the book. Here’s a glimpse at Chapter 1:

There are many different ways to transfer data, but most of them are manual, unmanaged and often insecure:

  • Email: Although email is the most common and convenient, it is prone to error due to invalid addresses, delivery failures and file size limitations. It’s also not easily tracked or automated.
  • Physical transport: Physically transporting data with a thumb drive is best used for the casual transfer. Downside: It’s a common vector for virus propagation and isn't “managed.”
  • Enterprise file sync and share: Services like Dropbox and other file sync and share solutions are popular ways to share files for collaboration between small groups of people, but presents a juicy target to cyber thieves because they hold large amounts of data from many companies in the same cloud.
  • File transfer clients and servers: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is another method that is quite common and may be used explicitly through FTP commands. However, transferring data via FTP is very difficult to automate, secure, track and manage.

A good Managed File Transfer (MFT) system can often replace all the other methods described above, depending on your organization’s needs. MFT is automated and secure through a server (or multiple servers) that are configured and used to control transfers to and from people and processes. By using MFT as a single solution, it allows organizations to lower risks and cost for moving files across the borderless enterprise. Be sure to check back next week to read more on Chapter 2.

In the meantime, download a free copy of Managed File Transfer for Dummies today.

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