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MOVEit update: Linkedin Contacts, Survey Results and Request for ETL Info

Ipswitch Blog| March 19 2010

| security

Several updates for MOVEit folks today.

First, if you haven't already done so, please sign on to Linkedin and connect with:

Second, I promised to post some of the results of the survey taken by over 100 MOVEit server administrators last month.

  • 99% of you would "recommend MOVEit" and 95% of you continue to use it for new projects.
  • Over 50% of you took time to write in about the excellent support you get from MOVEit Support Manager Kevan Bard and his team.  Thank you for the accolades - we'll work to ensure great support is available forever.
  • Over 50% of you said that a web interface on MOVEit Central and combined MOVEit DMZ and MOVEit Central reporting should be a "high" development priority.
  • Over 50% of you listed "data loss protection" (DLP) as a "high" development priority.
  • Your most pressing OS concern was "64-bit support", beating out other selections like "Virtual Appliance" and "Linux" (in that order).

Finally, the second-most popular "content" feature in that survey was "extract, transform and load" (ETL). This is a modern title for the file transformation, manipulation, splitting, merging and extraction plus a management layer to define the transformation maps.  If you want to contact me (via Linkedin or other methods), I would love to hear how you do this today or how you might see this working with our software in the future.

Topics: security

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