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Next Stop: Secure File Transfer

Andrew Lorandos| August 16 2016

| Security

Take the Bus from FTP to Secure File TransferI recently worked with a large manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses and motor coaches to solve a home-grown problem. The 86-year-old company is spread out over more than 10 locations across North America and its employees generate a tremendous number of files. Documents ranging from warranty claims to contract bids to invoices need to be safely transferred to customers and sales partners.

In other words, the company, its data, and its products are always on the move.

Home-Grown FTP No Longer Sustainable

Not all that long ago the company's IT team had been using multiple home-grown FTP (file transfer protocol) solutions to transfer files.

The IT team knew that using this hodgepodge of FTP programs needed retirement. They support a very large number of employees and customers with limited staff. And all this with little or no visibility on the transfers being made.

Automation, self-service and security drove their need to move to a managed, secure file transfer system. Yet, they needed to have a simple way for employees to transfer high volumes of files, while locking down the data in transit and at rest. It also had to be easy.

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Next Stop: Secure File Transfer

The IT team decided to adopt Ipswitch MOVEit managed and secure file transfer software to consolidate and automate file transfers and related processes. The team liked the fact that MOVEit was easy to install, easy to support, and for their customers and vendors it was easy to use. Also, they needed a solution that could scale and be conveniently accessed through mobile.



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Employees work across several manufacturing floors and use their mobile devices to transfer design and production status files through MOVEit. The product provides a simple tool for them to use because, like in most companies, the typical employee is not inherently technical. Yet, with MOVEit they can move sensitive customer and employee information without needing a lot of handholding by IT.

IT Complexity, Removed

Consolidating to MOVEit Transfer has dramatically increased the IT team's ability to secure and control all file transfer processes. Not to mention being able to see where files are being transferred and to whom. In parallel, they spend a lot less time managing file transfers and have more time to address their proactive tasks.


Next Stop: Secure File Transfer Check out this video and take a guided tour to see how you can eliminate manual file transfer scripts.


Care to kick the tires?

Interested in giving taking MOVEit Transfer out for a spin? Get on board and download a free MOVEit Transfer 30-day trial.


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