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Noble Truth #1: Networks Buckling Under BYOD and Bandwidth

Ipswitch Blog| February 26 2015

| IT insights

network bandwidthThe IT world is constantly growing and changing—and we don’t just mean that in a generic sense. It’s literally growing. Take, for example, the number of devices, traffic and load on your network. Demands on your network continue to skyrocket, while the proliferation of business applications, unified communications, mobile devices, and big data place an added stress on your infrastructure.

Naturally, many networks are not prepared for this type of growth. All of this contributes to the challenge of maintaining uptime, performance, and service levels for your network. It’s a hard truth that many network managers are learning the hard way. It also happens to be “Truth #1” in one of our latest eGuides, the 9 Noble Truths of Network, Server and Application Monitoring.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring each truth in greater detail, with the intent of helping you overcome the many challenges associated with ensuring peak performance of your network.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Truth #1: The number of devices, amount of traffic, and load on your network is exploding.

Bandwidth Hogs

Bandwidth-intensive applications, like Microsoft Lync, SharePoint, and Exchange, have contributed to a global IP traffic problem.  In fact, global IP traffic has increased by five times the amount it was at five years ago.  Over the next five years, it’s expected to increase another three times over.

In the workplace, business-critical applications and services enable users to move large volumes of data across multiple networks with ease.  At home, entertainment services, like YouTube, Netflix, and iTunes, further contribute to network bottlenecks.  By 2018, IP video traffic is expected to become 79 percent of all IP traffic—impacting both consumers and businesses.  With so much of the modern business world being dependent on the ability to interact and transact online, this lack of bandwidth is a serious problem.


Network traffic jam infographic Network traffic jam infographic


Finding Root Cause

Whether it’s email, file transfers, or web conferences, high-quality bandwidth is absolutely and fundamentally vital to business communication.  If IT teams can’t pinpoint the bandwidth hogs among us, how can they be expected to prevent service degradation?

When you’re dealing with an interconnected web of software and applications on your network, finding the root cause of a performance issue becomes an incredibly difficult task.  Without finding the bottlenecking bandwidth hog, how can you improve performance?

Managing Bandwidth

Attempting to manage bandwidth by balancing the needs of business-critical software and applications over an always growing number of connected consumer devices is no easy task.  However, with how quickly bottlenecks can down a website’s performance, lower the quality of video, or drop conference calls, managing bandwidth is essential to keeping your business running efficiently.

To do so—and to do so efficiently—you’ll need a comprehensive network performance monitoring tool like Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold that alerts you to problems before your users do. Download your free trial today. And be sure to check out our eGuide to learn more about the 9 Noble Truths of Network, Server and Application Monitoring.

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