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Now You Can Integrate WhatsUp Gold with Anything

Mark Towler| July 30 2019

| monitoring


WhatsUp Gold can monitor every single part of your network to give you a wealth of information on status, performance, traffic and thousands of other metrics. And now WhatsUp Gold can share that information directly with any of your systems thanks to our new REST API.

WhatsUp Gold 2019.1 now includes a powerful REST API that makes it easy to integrate other systems or your own scripts. You can get data from WhatsUp Gold, input data to WhatsUp Gold or have other systems make changes. The result is a huge range of automation use cases that can help you do your job faster and easier. With our extensive range of REST API calls, you can now write integration scripts for any requirement.

Director of Product Management Jim Cashman outlines the new REST API, how to access it and how to use it in the brief video below.

Want to know more? Check out our REST API feature page here or download the WhatsUp Gold REST API Guide for details. Then come join us on the Progress|Ipswitch Community to share scripts and discuss your ideas. We’re eager to see just how you’re going to leverage WhatsUp Gold!


Topics: monitoring

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