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Defrag This | Read. Reflect. Reboot.

Posted on 07.18.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding In Healthcare: Strong Brands Are Poised To Grow

Customers aren't drawn to your products and services- they're drawn to your brand. A strong brand is critical for a business's growth.

Posted on 07.15.17 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - CiscoLive! 2017: Q&A with IPv6 Fundamentals Author Rick Graziani

This episode of Defrag This comes straight from the heart of CiscoLive! 2017, where I got a chance to chat with Rick Graziani about IPv6 and the latest edition of his book, which stands as a blueprint for IPv6 fundamentals. 

Posted on 07.13.17 by Kathleen Burns

What Might Be Missing From Your PCI Security Program? 

Sometimes simple compliance isn't sufficient. Information security is complex and can demand a lot of attention.

Posted on 07.12.17 by Greg Mooney

Data Transfer Show - CiscoLive! Recap and WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus

This episode of the Data Transfer Show podcast serves as a quick recap of CiscoLive! 2017, how Ipswitch is now a Cisco Preferred Partner, and the latest on today's WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus release.

Posted on 07.11.17 by Alex Jablokow

The Rise Of Regtech: Bringing Technology To Managing financial Regulation

With flexibility, low costs, and clear reporting, regtech solutions might be the answer to all of our financial service problems. 

Posted on 07.11.17 by Kevin Howell

How AI is Helping the Finance Industry Prevent Fraud

Fintech companies, like PayPal, are using machine learning to prevent fraud. It's only a matter of time until AI consumes the finance industry.

Posted on 07.11.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding In Healthcare: A Strong Brand Builds Trust

In the healthcare industry, developing a strong brand will put you ahead of the vast majority of your competition.

Posted on 07.10.17 by Missy Januszko

How To Properly Protect Data With FTPS

FTPS helps to encrypt and transfer private information within the constraints of regulatory requirements.

Posted on 07.07.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

Branding in Healthcare: 5 Reasons You Need a Strong Brand

In the old days of healthcare, who needed a brand? People came to you because you were there, not because they deliberately chose you over some alternative.

Posted on 07.06.17 by Michael O'Dwyer

How AI Will Improve Health Care In The Next 20 Years

AI, in conjunction with predictive analytics and high-performance computing, is disrupting practically every industry you can imagine and healthcare is no exception, with advances in diagnostics already underway.

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