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Podcast: Marketing Automation & Migrations

Kevin Conklin| November 09 2017

| Podcasts, IT insights


In this episode of PICNIC, Rob Woodbury joins us to discuss a massive two year process of moving to a new consolidated CRM system and its implications on the company.

On the most recent episode of PICNIC, co-chair Kevin Conklin, IT marketing at Ipswitch, talked to Rob Woodbury, Ipswitch’s Global Marketing Programs Manager.

At Ipswitch, Rob is responsible for all global marketing programs, manages all the global requests, creates the marketing programs, then executes them. From emails to webinars, Rob does it all, making sure the audiences are appropriately mapped and segmented.

Rob took some time out of his day to talk to us about a recent migration that Ipswitch did with their Marketo & Salesforce platforms, consolidating multiple systems, campaigns, and instances into a single, usable, manageable product.

Moving From Multiple Instances...

In the 20+ years that Ipswitch has existed, we found ourselves, as a result of all the different product divisions, with multiple Marketo & Salesforce instances.

After acquiring additional companies over the years, Ipswitch formed two major product divisions: File Transfer & Network Monitoring. From there, a separate Marketo & Salesforce instance for each product division was created.

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Salesforce is used to manage the customer relationships, support the global partner relationships, and allows the sales team to manage prospects throughout the buying cycle.

Marketo is Ipswitch’s engagement platform, allowing us to execute and deliver multi-channel marketing programs on a global basis, offering personalized communications for whatever activity the customer is doing.

When you combine the two applications, you have an immensely powerful suite of products that can deliver personalized marketing to the client, and deliver highly prospected clients to the sales team quickly and efficiently.

You can naturally see why Ipswitch wanted to migrate and consolidate these multiple instances. With Rob doing the bulk of the global marketing programs, the company needed to simplify and increase efficiency any way they could.

To A Streamlined Approach...

So let’s say you have multiple systems or migrations, or are going through an acquisition or a merger. How do you plan, prepare, and implement in the simplest, most efficient way?

First thing’s first: figure out if you want to continue using your current systems in your tech stack. For Ipswitch, sticking with Marketo was an incredibly smart move, and finding a team to support them during that transition proved invaluable.

Having an extra set of eyes on your migration, having an extra set of experts to help walk you through the change is always a welcome thing.

Second: get everybody on board from the very beginning. Ipswitch held a two-day workshop with its IT team, sales team, finance team, and marketing team. The purpose of the workshop was to go over and finalize the end-to-end process for customers, prospects, and partners.

“It was a little challenging having some teams butt heads, but it really brought us together,” Woodbury said. “At the end of the day, our end goal was revenue growth, and creating our systems and forcing our processes to meet those goals.

Don’t Stop

PICNIC_-_11_Marketing_Automation_Importance_(QUOTE_IMAGE).jpgBecause it impacts so many parts of the organization, stick with your plan. Taking breaks, starts and stops, or changing directions will only slow you down and make the process more cumbersome and harder to implement.

Make sure everybody is fully aligned from end to end throughout the entire process. If you’ve got buy-in from all the teams, it’s going to be a lot less painful in the long run.

Contact Rob Woodbury at the Ipswitch website or on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/woodburyr

The PICNIC program is for IT professionals and users who know that the problem’s often in the chair, not in the computer. Catch up on all past programs of the podcast at the PICNIC website.

Until next time!

Topics: Podcasts, IT insights

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Kevin joined Ipswitch in 2015 and leads the company’s product and content marketing practices. He is widely recognized for his product marketing accomplishments in information technologies. He is a serial startup executive having played instrumental roles in the success of such companies as for Prelert, VKernel, Mazu Networks and Smarts, Inc. and has been instrumental to the success of these IT management technology companies. Kevin is also the co-host of the PICNIC Podcast live show (https://picnic-podcast.com/), sharing experiences and best practices, providing a voice of expertise, and educating IT professionals with the latest technology challenges.

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