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Secure Data Transfers with a Managed File Transfer Solution

Ipswitch Blog| November 03 2015

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secure file transferNathan Hays works for one of the largest insurance companies in the healthcare industry. The company electronically communicates with a huge number of customers, vendors and other partners. Along with having to meet stringent audit and compliance standards for those file transfers, the insurer must also have a streamlined processes to avoid wasting time.

As a Senior Microservices Analyst for the insurer, Nathan recognized that transferring files was slowing down operations. Different departments were each using their own solutions to send files - both internally and externally. Their methods were not secure or reliable, and caused problems that slowed business. Nathan needed to act.

Satisfying Different Secure Data Transfer Protocols

With more than 3,000 employees, the insurance company has complex needs for flexibility and scalability. Many employees transfer different types of files internally and externally, creating a need for a centralized system capable of satisfying the different transfer protocols, encryption levels and file formats used throughout the organization. To make things even more complex, their vendors demand they used different processes and security policies for sending and receiving files, creating new problems at every turn. Email and traditional FTP servers were not getting the job done. The insurer also needed to support multiple encryption and security protocols.

Secure Data Exchange Challenges

Tasked with creating simplified, managed and secure workflows for the transferring and monitoring of both internal and external files, Nathan started a search for a new solution by identifying the specific challenges in existing processes.

“Users really like email. They want to send files via email, they think it’s easy. They don’t realize that it’s not the most secure way to do things and not really the most desired way to do things either,” Nathan explained.

With employees transferring files in ways that Nathan and his colleagues couldn't monitor or manage, he stepped back and jotted down the core challenges his company faced:

  • It was increasingly difficult to manage various FTP programs that were used to transfer different types of files.
  • Multiple workflows had to be created in order to address the different needs of vendors and partners.
  • All insecure methods of transferring files had to be eliminated.
  • Standard FTP solutions and third-party cloud services have restrictions on bandwidth and file size, along with added security concerns, creating unnecessary problems.

Once Nathan identified these challenges, he set out for a solution.

MOVEit Automated File Transfer System

Searching for a viable solution to any business problem can be a massive undertaking. The solution must be customizable to adequately address every pain point, not just some of them.

Nathan began by talking to his IT peers at his company’s customers to see how they were addressing their file transfer concerns, since they shared many of the same requirements. Lucky for him, one of the first suggestions he received directed him towards Ipswitch’s MOVEit. After learning more about MOVEit – an automated file transfer system – Nathan believed he had found the solution that allowed for centralized, secure and monitored file sharing.

With MOVEit in place, the insurance company was set up for success. Over time, each of the core challenges were resolved:

  • All file transfers now pass through one central location, MFT, which systematically blocks and eliminates insecure methods of transferring files.
  • Activity reports provided by MOVEit allow for a complete scope of files going in and out of the company. This benefits efficiency and network management and also simplifies preparations for audits and compliance reports.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime allows the insurer to continually meet its service level agreements with vendors and partners and avoid detrimental issues.

MOVEit enabled the insurer to create more than 3,000 automated workflows to provide enhanced service to all departments. MOVEit exceeds all of the healthcare industry’s standards for compliance and reporting, directly helping the insurer to meet regulatory compliance and the never-ending technological demands of business.

“Something that may take several days or hours using a combination of [other] software, [MOVEit] allows us to turn around…in as little as 30-45 minutes. Users appreciate it and notice that you’re providing an excellent service,” Nathan said.

“…we've done so well that we’ve added a few employees [as we’ve expanded use, and] I’ve also gotten promoted,“ he added. “It really has brought some good praise and good attention to my area.”

Nathan provides examples of streamlined workflows and discusses how using MOVEit Central and MOVEit DMZ have enhanced company growth in his recorded talk at Ipswitch Innovate Summit 2015.

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