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More Secure File Transfer for Less is Good, Right?

Kevin Conklin| August 04 2016

| security

More Secure File Transfer for Less is Always Good, Right“Sorry, I don’t want more for less”, said absolutely no one.

We like a good deal and we know hard working IT teams do as well. They work late into the night making things work better for everyone and usually with little recognition outside of IT. So it is always good when someone recognizes their needs.

To bring this point home, today we announced Ipswitch MOVEit 2016 that provides new easy to buy, high value editions – Standard, Professional and Premium – for all MOVEit Transfer and MOVEit Automation secure file transfer products.

We also debuted Ipswitch MOVEit MFT Complete, an all-in-one solution for secure file transfer, delivering really good value at a low cost.


In addition, MOVEit 2016 contains the all new Ipswitch Gateway module (see below) allowing the MOVEit Transfer module to sit behind the firewall.

Ipswitch MOVEit 2016: New Workload Automation and Secure File Transfer Server Editions

The new editions of and additions to our MOVEit Managed File Transfer product line bring a lot more value for IT teams. First, MOVEit Transfer (formerly DMZ), our file transfer server, and MOVEit Automation (formerly Central) our workflow automation server are now available in new editions.

The idea behind the editions is to provide the most popular features and options of these products in the most common configurations. Then we decided, "and let’s make them cheaper as well".

Our workload automation editions combine the following:

  • Easy task automation
  • PGP encryption
  • An API
  • AS/1/2/3 for EDI

Our file transfer server editions combine the following:

  • Our WS_FTP clients
  • Access from Microsoft Outlook and web browsers
  • Support for FTPS, SFTP and HTTPs, Apple IoS and Google Android
  • And our new Ipswitch Gateway (still below)

New MOVEit MFT Complete

The new MOVEit MFT Complete product is an ‘all-in-one’ bundling of the most popular managed secure file transfer offerings. It includes, in various combinations:

  • Ipswitch Analytics
  • Our new Ipswitch Gateway
  • MOVEit Transfer
  • MOVEit Automation

Introducing Ipswitch Gateway

Finally, Ipswitch Gateway brings multi-layered security to the MOVEit product line. It provides a file transfer DMZ proxy function so you can deploy the transfer server in the secure network (behind your firewall). Ipswitch Gateway works with MOVEit Transfer to assure that your data, transfer activities, authentication and access to resources all occur behind the firewall.

But just in case you are thinking ‘what’s the catch?’ let be honest and admit there is something in it for us as well. Happy IT teams are our best customers. Honestly.

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Kevin joined Ipswitch in 2015 and leads the company’s product and content marketing practices. He is widely recognized for his product marketing accomplishments in information technologies. He is a serial startup executive having played instrumental roles in the success of such companies as for Prelert, VKernel, Mazu Networks and Smarts, Inc. and has been instrumental to the success of these IT management technology companies. Kevin is also the co-host of the PICNIC Podcast live show (https://picnic-podcast.com/), sharing experiences and best practices, providing a voice of expertise, and educating IT professionals with the latest technology challenges.

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