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Secure File Transfer Resources For Financial Services IT Teams

Kevin Conklin| March 16 2017

| security

online-banking.pngThe world doesn't show enough appreciation for IT teams in general. But few of us actually appreciate how much we depend on financial services IT pros.

Here's to Financial Services IT Teams

If you have a job and money, chances are you use online financial services. How do you think those insurance policy, online banking and investment portfolio portals got there? They are all products of a super complex, back-end, fabric of secure managed file transfer processes with a front-end UI to make it appear easy. They were all put together by hard-working IT teams.

At Ipswitch, we are all about the IT team. We focus on enabling their success by providing the very best IT management tools. Our development processes are based on customer input and feedback. We spend a lot of time trying to understand exactly what our customers are trying to do with our products so we can make those processes easier.  Kind of like your online financial services portal.

Delivering On a Promise

In the course of our interactions with our customers, we discovered that pretty much all of them want to know how their peers use our products to address core operational processes. So we promised to facilitate the open exchange of user stories.

We are proud to announce our delivery against that promise. We've launched a section of our website dedicated to financial services organizations. On this 'mini-site' you'll find:

  • Whitepapers on key issues of compliance with data protection regulations
  • Videos on secure file transfer of protected data to external third parties
  • Case studies portraying how your peers are addressing key IT challenges
  • Timely blogs on relevant topics by independent experts

This content will be updated regularly.  So, we encourage you to bookmark this resource for future visits.

We want to extend our thanks to all of those IT teams who helped us compile this resource and invite any readers who wish to share their stories to contact us. In preparation, we have gone out of our way to make it easy to share via video, podcast, blog or use case story.

If you are not yet a customer, we invite you to learn how your peers are providing the very best in client services with our secure managed file transfer products.


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Kevin joined Ipswitch in 2015 and leads the company’s product and content marketing practices. He is widely recognized for his product marketing accomplishments in information technologies. He is a serial startup executive having played instrumental roles in the success of such companies as for Prelert, VKernel, Mazu Networks and Smarts, Inc. and has been instrumental to the success of these IT management technology companies. Kevin is also the co-host of the PICNIC Podcast live show (https://picnic-podcast.com/), sharing experiences and best practices, providing a voice of expertise, and educating IT professionals with the latest technology challenges.

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