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Survey: IT Pros Concerned About Wearable Technology in the Workplace

Aaron Kelly| October 07 2015

| security, monitoring

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Wearable technology might be convenient for the user, but it is inconvenient for IT pros to secure and support. Fortunately, IT pros can be better prepared to deal with people like me, including my Apple Watch and Fitbit. Today we announced the findings of our 2015 Wearable Technology Survey that polled 288 IT professionals in the United States. The survey revealed that more than half of the respondents (52.7 percent) now have users wearing technology to work, a growing concern for IT pros.

Before I continue, we also ran this survey in the UK and netted 111 responses. Check out the UK survey summary and infographic for details.

More wearable technology, more concerns for IT pros

IT pros’ top concerns with wearable technology in the workplace included:

  • Security breaches (61 percent)
  • More work to support more devices (45 percent)
  • Decreased network bandwidth (36 percent)

When asked if they had IT policies in place to manage the impact of wearable technology, nearly two-thirds (66 percent) did not while about one-quarter (24 percent) did have such a policy.

The most common wearable technologies in the workplace, some of it is company-issued

Even though wearable technology has yet to break through to the mainstream, 15 percent of all respondents noted that their companies provided wearable technology to its own workers. The most popular wearable technology in the workforce included:

  • Watches such as the Apple Watch (46 percent)
  • Fitness bands like Fitbit (42 percent)
  • Health monitoring devices like QardioArm (17 percent).

Wearable Technology Survey Resources

How IT Pros Can Be Better Prepared

IT pros can be better prepared for wearable technology in the workplace with tools that provide total visibility into network discovery and dependency mapping including Ipswitch WhatsConnected. A clear picture of what is happening helps to ensure that wearable technology isn’t going to affect network or application performance.

Ipswitch WhatsConnected helps IT pros monitor and manage devices including wearable technology in the following ways:

  • Understand detailed physical connectivity, device type and configuration information of anything with an IP address
  • Quickly pinpoint network performance issues visually with auto-generated topology maps
  • Automatically maintain a comprehensive network and server inventory of physical connectivity, device asset information, configuration information and systems inventory
  • Generate comprehensive reports to help meet compliance

For a free 30-day trial of visit WhatsUp Gold.

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Topics: security, monitoring

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