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Defrag This

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Posted on 11.16.17 by Greg Mooney

PICNIC Podcast #11 - Top 3 Reasons to Learn PowerShell

When talking about scripting languages, the conversation can often devolve into an “either/or” debate. Adam Bertram joins The PICNIC Podcast to discuss.

Posted on 11.14.17 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - The 3 Wireless (In)Security Protocols

Brad Call, Systems Specialist at Internal IT and Wi-Fi security expert discusses the security issues around user access to Wi-Fi and the security protocols every IT team should be using. 

Posted on 11.10.17 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - The Great Cyber War

There are a few reasons why ethics in technology and cybersecurity is more important than ever as the law struggles to catch up.

Posted on 11.09.17 by Kevin Conklin

PICNIC Podcast #10 - Marketing Automation & Migrations

In this episode of PICNIC, Rob Woodbury joins us to discuss a massive two year process of moving to a new consolidated CRM system and its implications on the company.

Posted on 11.02.17 by Kevin Conklin

PICNIC Podcast #9 - How Digital Transformation Relies on IT Operations

At the occasion of this PICNIC episode, we talk about IT Operations Attributes and answer questions regarding modern IT operations.

Posted on 10.26.17 by Kevin Conklin

PICNIC Podcast #8 - Security Analytics and Machine Learning

In this PICNIC podcast,  Kevin Conklin is talking about security analytics. What exactly are they? Can they help make us safer? Why aren’t they already helping?

Posted on 10.19.17 by Jeanne Hopkins

PICNIC Podcast #7 - Investing in Innovation in IT Analytics

Big Data isn’t just for techies anymore. Dennis Drogseth chats about his new research report entitled Leaders in Advanced IT Analytics (AIA): A Buyer's Guide for Investing in Innovation

Posted on 10.12.17 by Kevin Conklin

PICNIC Podcast #6 - IT in the News

IT has been particularly newsworthy lately, although not always for great reasons.

Posted on 10.12.17 by Greg Mooney

PowerShell Vs. The World

Debates between users of different scripting languages can be heated as everyone tries to defend their personal favorite as “the best.”

Posted on 10.05.17 by Kevin Conklin

PICNIC Podcast #5 - What’s Up Cloud?

With all that data up in the cloud nowadays, how do you know it’s safe?

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