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Posted on 01.29.18 by Rick Robinson

Data Privacy vs. Data Protection

This article will stick to the American usage — but remember that if you are operating globally, the terminology can get confusing.

Posted on 01.26.18 by Ipswitch Blog

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) vs. Managed File Transfer (MFT)

For many organizations, file transfer between users, locations, partners and/or customers is a key operational aspect to the business, so having the right file transfer software is crucial for smooth and secure management.

Posted on 01.24.18 by Alex Jablokow

Balancing Security and Ease of Use with Two-Factor Authentication

Username and password have long been the main method of authentication—and they remain so. But other authentication factors are often added to passwords to improve security. How well do these multi-factor authentication approaches work, and should businesses approach...

Posted on 01.23.18 by Adam Bertram

How to Create a Microsoft DHCP Lease Inventory Script

Large organizations typically have lots of devices that require IP addresses. Client desktops, tablets, mobile and desk phones, servers and more all consume IPs. The only way to manage IPs at this level is to use Microsoft Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP),...

Posted on 01.22.18 by Michael O'Dwyer

How IT Pros Really Feel About Successful Phishing Attacks

In a modern business, IT is responsible for a plethora of tasks, including user support, which typically takes up a disproportional percentage of the IT workload. 

Posted on 01.19.18 by Sarah Wilson

CES 2018 and How to Protect Your Smart Home

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 kicked off on January 9th at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a lot of cool new tech: ultra-thin laptops, Sophia the Robot, and solar powered smartwatches. The biggest consumer technology theme of the year, though, was smart...

Posted on 01.17.18 by Julianna Bernardi

How to Avoid W-2 Phishing Hooks This Tax Season

Over the next few months, you may see a curious email from a top executive surfing through human resources or the payroll department of your company. It might appear friendly and innocent, but it oddly requests that the recipient send employee’s W-2 Forms.

Posted on 01.16.18 by Sarah Wilson

The Biggest Emerging Cybersecurity Threats in 2018

2018 may have just started, but it's never too early to be aware of potential security threats and how to prevent them in the future. Here's a roundup of some of the organizations, security flaws, and other things that go bump in the night to watch out for.

Posted on 01.11.18 by Alex Jablokow

Cybersecurity Cost: How Should It Fit Into Your Budget?

Cyber risk leads to financial risk, but cybersecurity is still often thought of as a technical rather than a business problem.

Posted on 01.09.18 by Sarah Wilson

Wi-Fi Alliance Rolls Out WPA3 to Fill in KRACKs in Wireless Security

 The Wi-Fi Alliance recently announced the release of a new specification to Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2), called WPA3.  

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