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Defrag This | security

Posted on 01.03.17 by Joe Hewitson

Healthcare IT Security: Top 5 Soft Spots

Healthcare IT continues to be a poster child for enterprise security at large. A few weeks ago Infosecurity Magazine reported that healthcare data breaches rose 63% over the prior year. It's clear that health care is a common target for cybercriminals, but in what...

Posted on 12.29.16 by Greg Mooney

Is Encryption a HIPAA Compliance Requirement?

Is encryption a HIPAA compliance requirement? Based on how the law was written it can be hard to tell.

Posted on 12.22.16 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - Episode 1 - Healthcare Attack Vectors

Defrag This host, Greg Mooney, and the VP of Security Solutions at Ipswitch, Rich Allen, discuss specifically how these attacks impact the healthcare industry.

Posted on 12.20.16 by Mark Towler

Dropbox Drops the Ball Along with Public Folders

As some of you may know, Dropbox recently aggravated many of their users by announcing the end of support for their Public Folder feature. The backlash has been swift, with users not only complaining loudly on Dropbox forums but also up-voting to the Top 10 list a...

Posted on 12.16.16 by Randy Franklin Smith

The Basics of File Transfer Encryption

The Internet is a scary place for businesses, which is obviously why many are paying closer attention to best practices for securing their file transfers. 

Posted on 12.14.16 by Mark Underwood

How Secure Is Google Drive?

Exfiltration is a decidedly unpleasant word, and it's rarely connected with Google's benign application suite used freely by millions all over the world — Google Apps. Specifically, how secure is Google Drive? Google Drive, a potentially massive repository of...

Posted on 12.12.16 by Joe Hewitson

Healthcare Data and the Complexities of Enterprise Communication

Effective, reliable and secure communication is an important aspect of any successful business. This concept becomes even more critical when sensitive information like health care data is involved. Yet, despite the clear need for transparent communication, why do so many...

Posted on 12.12.16 by Monica Gupta

Hospital Automates File Transfers to Streamline Billing

Every payment processed by a 1,500 bed Connecticut-based hospital involves a number of file transfers. This translates to thousands of file transfers that their IT team needs to handle on a daily basis.

Posted on 12.06.16 by Aaron Kelly

Is it File Sharing or Oversharing?

There’s no shortage of file sharing options like Dropbox, Box and Google Drive -- but how safe are these cloud-based repositories when it comes to protecting data? What kind of visibility do IT pros have? And does using them without IT oversight essentially boil down to...

Posted on 12.05.16 by Richard Allen

How to Secure Data in Motion

While it’s important to secure data no matter where it lives, data in motion is at its most vulnerable for hackers and needs to be a focus point for your security and compliance efforts.

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