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Defrag This

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Posted on 12.29.17 by Alex Jablokow

VoIP and the Wild World of Toll Fraud

Most don't think about their telephone system when it comes to securing their network, but VoIP is actually a common vector of attack. 

Posted on 12.22.17 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - The Year of the Data Breach

There's no debate, 2017 is going down as the year that cyber security went mainstream. Hosts, Greg Mooney and Jeff Edwards discuss the biggest data breaches of 2017.

Posted on 12.22.17 by Jeff Edwards

Looking Back at 2017's Biggest Data Breaches

2017 will go down in the history books as the year that data breaches became mainstream news. From the WannaCry attacks to Equifax, it seems like there's a new breach in the headlines every week. 

Posted on 12.21.17 by Kathleen Burns

Alteryx Data Leak: 120 Million Households Exposed

Earlier this month, personal information of over 120 million American households was exposed online. What does this say about how our information is protected?

Posted on 12.21.17 by Greg Mooney

PICNIC Podcast #16 - Human Element of Fighting Cyber Crime

Here’s the situation: your company is experiencing significant growth. You’re about to lead your firm and your workers to the step that will get all of you to the next level. But before you do, one of your workers encounters some ransomware and opens a data breach that...

Posted on 12.21.17 by Jeff Edwards

The Worst Passwords of 2017 Are Just as Embarrassing as You Thought

It’s that time again, where, with the new year ahead, we make resolutions to better ourselves, and look back on the past year and face just how bad we really were….at coming up with strong passwords.

Posted on 12.19.17 by Alex Jablokow

SIEM Evolution: From Compliance to Security

Security information and event management (SIEM) software provides a way to track, integrate, and analyze the vast amount of log data that comes from an organization’s applications and network hardware. Its original value came from compliance reporting, but it is...

Posted on 12.14.17 by Kevin Conklin

PICNIC Podcast #15 - How to Discuss Security Weakness in Wake of Equifax Breach

Data breaches have become so common that it can be difficult to catch the public attention, but we all sat up and took notice when we heard about the Equifax breach.

Posted on 12.14.17 by Kevin Conklin

10 Hacks For Safer Cyber Citizenship - Hack #10

Protecting your identity and your data is not something you can simply set and forget. To be a good cyber citizen, you have to invest in continuous learning.

Posted on 12.13.17 by Jeff Edwards

7 Tips to Protect Your Digital Assets from Unsecured WiFi

Common sense goes a long way in making sure cybercriminals in the coffee shop don’t find a way to tap into your enterprise systems.

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