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Defrag This | security

Posted on 11.30.16 by Aaron Kelly

Scripting Complicates Achieving PCI Compliance

An audit to review PCI compliance at a large US-based transportation company revealed a number of file transfer problems that kept them from getting a passing grade. And with the PCI 3.1 “Business as Usual” mandate, the company’s auditors stressed the importance of...

Posted on 11.22.16 by Monica Gupta

What’s New in WS_FTP Server 2017

Our WS_FTP Server has helped organizations transfer and protect their confidential information between colleagues, partners and clients for over 20 years. Take the Denver Broncos, for example. They have been using WS_FTP to keep confidential team information like plays...

Posted on 11.21.16 by Greg Mooney

Oracle Buys Dyn in Wake of Largest DDoS Attack in History

Oracle just bought Dyn, the Internet performance services company that suffered the biggest DDoS attack in history just a month ago. This news comes just a few months after Yahoo! disclosed it was the victim of a state-sponsored attack in 2014 resulting in the largest...

Posted on 11.18.16 by Greg Mooney

Three Mobile Breach: You’ve Been Hacked and Don’t Know It Yet


Posted on 11.11.16 by Koen Van Impe

The Krebs Attack: Sign of a Game Changer

DDoS attacks have become a fact of life. If you have a web presence, then it's only a matter of time before you find yourself dealing with the consequences of a DDoS attack.

Posted on 11.10.16 by Mark Underwood

Attacking the Mother Lode, Can They Hack LastPass?

Put all your eggs in one basket.

Posted on 11.10.16 by Steve Staden

How City National Bank Centralized File Transfers

City National Bank (CNB) is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is the fifth-largest financial institution in the state. Reynold Philius, Technical Applications Manager in the information systems division, has a significant role in building and maintaining the bank's...

Posted on 11.07.16 by Adam Bertram

Advanced PowerShell Functions: Upping Your Game

When writing large PowerShell scripts or modules, it will eventually become necessary to split up the code into modular pieces. Modularity can be achieved by using basic and advanced PowerShell functions. It also encourages good coding practices. One way to build modular...

Posted on 11.04.16 by Doug Bonderud

Infrastructure Compliance: IT Vendor or In-House?

As noted by Tech Financials, infrastructure outsourcing is now a go-to option for service providers, since it allows them to maximize their strengths while shoring up their weaknesses with third-party expertise. But what does this trend mean for companies at large? Is it...

Posted on 11.03.16 by Adam Bertram

The PowerShell Script Orchestrator

With companies moving services to the cloud, applications offering robust APIs and a driving need for automation, we need a more mature scripting language.

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