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Defrag This | security

Posted on 01.31.17 by Kevin Conklin

A New Resource for Healthcare IT Teams

Healthcare IT teams don't get enough credit. While doctors and nurses deliver the testing, diagnoses and treatments, healthcare IT teams deliver the enabling infrastructure.

Posted on 01.30.17 by Joe Hewitson

The HIPAA Security Rule: How to Better Manage Compliance

Document sharing is a double-edged sword in modern healthcare. On one hand, the ability to quickly and efficiently share critical patient information between authorized medical professionals can make all the difference in patient care. On the other hand, health care...

Posted on 01.27.17 by Mark Towler

Ipswitch Failover 9.5 Adds More to Virtual Environments

John Picinich, Senior Product Manager at Ipswitch, discusses what's new in Ipswitch Failover 9.5. Ipswitch Failover protects against downtime and makes sure your critical applications are available regardless of the source of the threat. New features add more flexibility...

Posted on 01.25.17 by Rick Robinson

Data Theft? On the Internet, No Train Is Too Long to Rob

Your organization is not in the health care or financial sectors, so your data management is not subject to regulatory compliance audits. Your revenue model does not involve keeping a large customer account database, or managing a constant flow of credit card...

Posted on 01.19.17 by Greg Mooney

Defrag This - Our Data Dystopia

George Orwell’s book 1984, which he wrote in 1948, depicts a dystopian future of mass surveillance and misinformation. Much of what he imagined is very true today.

Posted on 01.12.17 by Jacqueline Lee

A Day in the Life of a Healthcare CIO — No Pressure!

Some things happen to a healthcare CIO that just don't happen to IT execs outside of the healthcare industry. On some days, you walk down the hospital corridors beaming, thinking of how your work directly improves human health and quality of life. On other days, you'd...

Posted on 01.11.17 by John P. Mello Jr.

Law Enforcement IT Gets No Respect From Cybercriminals

Police department computers contain large amounts of sensitive data about their communities, the citizens in those communities and the men and women who work for those departments. Protecting that information is the job of law enforcement IT. Police IT departments aren't...

Posted on 01.09.17 by Kevin Conklin

What is at Stake When Moving Files Today?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has been the standard bearer for sending or moving files too large for email. Today, those file transfers contain the lifeblood of an organization and so Secure FTP is now critical.

Posted on 01.09.17 by Richard Allen

What is Managed File Transfer?

Just what is managed file transfer (MFT)? It’s easy to think of MFT as little more than file transfer on steroids, or a super slick FTP server. MFT is more than that because the problems IT administrators solve with MFT demands more. No one move files for fun – they move...

Posted on 01.06.17 by Richard Allen

Three Compliance and Security Predictions for 2017

Compliance stays in the picture. Why? Because today’s agile business environment requires employees to share data, information and other documentation both inside and outside their organizations on a regular basis. But for companies in highly regulated industries –...

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