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Neal O'Farrell
As Executive Director of the non-profit Identity Theft Council, Neal has counseled thousands of victims of identity theft and taken on cases referred to him by the FBI and Secret Service. He has advised more than a dozen governments, as well as numerous security companies including ZoneAlarm, IdentityGuard, EZShield, SiteLock, SurfControl, Securify, NTRU Cryptosystems, Credit Sesame, and Civic. Neal is a former writer with SearchSecurity.com and Technical Editor for the Hack Proofing series of security guides (Elsevier).
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Posted on 05.20.20 by Neal O'Farrell

疫情大流行何以掀起「Zoom 亂入轟炸」趨勢

在 IT 團隊所謂的「新常態」期間,Zoom 成長速度飛快。但成功是要付出代價的,那就是駭客的覬覦與資安專業人士的注意。





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