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Two Things That Can Spook Any IT Team

Ipswitch Blog| October 31 2014

| security

Lost or stolen data is a nightmare in and of itself, but what can really make an IT team go prematurely gray is the audit that will inevitably follow. Given that today is Halloween, here are two things that can scare any IT professional, regardless of the time of year. Capture

1. The audit that follows a data breach

High-profile data breaches may have less shock value simply because they happen more frequently. But that doesn’t mean that each incident isn’t a major shock to the IT team that has to manage through it. As the biggest consumer breach of 2014, what happened at JP Morgan Chase left 83 million households exposed. The hackers also targeted intellectual property. Compliance and security standards exist to protect sensitive forms of data. If any combination of people, process and technology break down, the entire organization is at risk. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

2. Important files go missing

According to a 2014 survey conducted by Ipswitch, nearly half (42 percent) of IT professionals reported their organization does not mandate secure methods for transferring corporate information. Additionally, 18 percent of IT professionals admit they have lost a critical file and 11 percent have spent more than an hour trying to retrieve that file. As the volume and size of digital files continues to increase, so can the costs associated with file transfer. Organizations must plug the holes in their systems in order to meet their legal mandates. Failure to do so will become a costly proposition for all involved, especially as compliance and security demands grow across healthcare, finance and retail industries.

Don’t let your files hide in the shadows

When moving confidential or sensitive files from one place to another, companies need to make sure their IT teams have visibility and control over files in transit at all times. A managed file transfer solution (MFT) is one method to ensure data is completely secure and that critical files are never left in the dark. MFT systems support efficient file transfer as part of a business process – and therefore allow IT to better track and manage the data. With the right MFT solution, organizations can reduce security risk incidents while increasing efficiency and productivity.

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