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Welcome to All Things Managed File Transfer

Ipswitch Blog| August 02 2013

| security

Here at Ipswitch File Transfer, we eat, breathe, and dream Managed File Transfer (MFT). Each and every day businesses move files – through systems and by people – not for fun, but to get real work done. Understanding the issues and technologies associated with MFT, simply put, means getting work done better. That’s what this blog is about.

Welcome to All Things Managed File Transfer Here at Ipswitch File Transfer, we eat, breathe, and dream Managed File Transfer.

What is Managed File Transfer? Some people believe MFT is the same as secure file transfer services such as FTP and Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS). But MFT offers much more. While MFT starts with secure file transfer, the “M” in MFT—the Managed part—offers much more, such as:

  • Control and security to meet SLA and compliance requirements
  • Strength through scalability, reliability, failover, and disaster recovery
  • Automated workflows that power daily tasks
  • File-based business processes that connect systems and people via email, the web, and mobile devices

All of these capabilities are critical considering that the vast majority of the data flowing through corporate networks is in the form of files.

Sure, we are probably biased in our viewpoint – just like parents are biased about their children. But this blog isn't here to sell you our products. Rather, it’s intended to share the experiences and perspectives we gain as we interact with prospects, customers, partners, and industry analysts and other market influencers. We’ll also share lessons learned, considerations about where the market stands today, and offer our perspective on where it’s headed in the future. We’ll look for and encourage guest blogs and of course encourage a dialogue through comments.

Subscribe to our blog, join in the discussion, and visit us regularly to stay up to speed on All Things Managed File Transfer. Together we can all learn.

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